Massive Explosion Hits Largest Oil Refinery In The US

Back in November 2019, I pointed out how an explosion at a rubber plant in Texas coincided very close with the uptick in traffic due to the Christmas shipping season. Likewise, I noted how a week later, there was another similar explosion that took place at a major transportation hub in Russia.

Co-incidence? You be the judge, but the fact is that things which are “hyped up” often are not as serious as they are, and those which are ignored are often all too serious because they represent real conflicts.

Noting this, it is of great interest that the nation’s largest oil refinery on the California Coast has mysterious caught fire in an explosion according to CBS local News by way of Zero Hedge.

A massive explosion ripped through the largest oil refinery plant on the West Coast in the overnight hours, sending giant fireballs into the sky, visible from 20 miles away.

Fire crews on Tuesday night were dispatched to the Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s refinery in Carson, California, around 10:50 pm PST for reports of an explosion in a cooling tower.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department (LAFD) said the fire was contained hours later in the early hours on Wednesday morning. (source)

Now I do not propose to know who did this. We have no proof of anything other than the act itself.

However, we know that right now the US and China are in a big fight and the coronavirus deal has amplified it. The virus has been used by the US and Taiwan to promote Taiwanese nationalism (something China hates), stir up animosity among the people in China, and make China not just look like a giant fool, but threaten her long-term economic viability as a manufacturing power and with that her dreams of empire.

There has likewise been conflict with Russia as the shadow of a new Cold War hovers over the world.

I am not saying it was either nation. I am also not ruling out the possibility it was our own government (the US has a history of attacking herself), or that it really was an accident.

I am saying that we need to look at the big picture of everything happening, and knowing that America’s economy is dependent on oil, to try and ask who would benefit from an oil crisis and rising prices, and possibly causing instability in the US in the light of world events.

That is all.

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