Florida Wastes Time Arresting Low-Income People Trying To Help Themselves

Unlicensed or under-the-table work is a fact of life in the construction business. Because of this and the unskilled nature of the job, or skills that can be acquired by manual labor, it attracts many people who are poor, either from the US or Central America. While it is true that “licensed” contractors do provide a valuable service, “unlicensed” contractors are the unspoken backbone of the manual labor side, and likewise the current housing industry could not exist without them.

However, the police of Hillsborough county, Florida, have taken their time to set up “sting” operations to arrest “unlicensed” contractors on charges of operating a business without a license as Reason Magazine reports by way of Patch.

…sheriff’s deputies pose as homeowners seeking handymen on social media to do jobs that required licensure. These unsuspecting handymen would be lured to one of five homes, where undercover deputies filmed them performing or agreeing to perform prohibited tasks like painting or installing recess lighting.

The stings were carried out between March and December of last year. The arrests were announced yesterday.

Frequently, she says, officers will hire a handyman on the pretext of performing work that doesn’t need a license, and then during the course of the job ask them to do something that does, like unhooking a toilet or laying some tiles.

“When the handyman says no, then the undercover detective moves the conversation to something else and then comes back to the question later in a different way,” says Sammis. “By the time the handyman gets to the location, they want to make the homeowner happy and end up agreeing to perform work that they didn’t intend on doing when they first arrived. The undercover detective[s] are just creating a crime that probably wouldn’t occur otherwise.” (source)

It is true that there is a purpose to licenses, but that is not what this is about.

This is about beating down on individual people, especially migrants, and forcibly dragging them into the legal system by making crimes out of non-crimes.

There are two sides to law- an ethical one, and a moral one.

The moral side is always the most important, because this deals with objective truth. The ethical side, while important, is based on the social beliefs about what is good behavior- the ethos -that is usually a reflection of the zeitgeist.

It is possible to moral but not ethical, or ethical but not moral. An excellent example of this is the conflict between Christ and the Pharisees. Christ did not always follow the ethics of society, but that was because those ethics were evil, and as Christ is truly God, He always did what was moral and set an example for what moral behavior is. To the contrary, the Pharisees were almost always ethical, because they did what was socially acceptable or legally permitted. The motto of the Pharisees, both then and today, was “It’s legal”, and they did not care for morality, but so long as they had the approval of the people to act as they did by some regulation.

The spirit of the Pharisee is the spirit of antichrist because it establishes standards but without the spirit of law, emphasizing the letter instead, and not because it benefits society, but for their own benefit. The shouts of “It’s legal” is they cry of every wicked man, group, or tribe throughout history, laughing as they trample the widow, orphan, and common man underfoot in their own quest for darwinism.

This is not to say that ethics are not important. Indeed, some laws that one may consider “silly” may exist for a reason, and they should only be changed with good reason. However, the fact is that in the US today, owing to the state of the nation, American law has become based on an practically run by and administered through contemporary Pharisees, who do not believe in law as a means of establishing truth in accordance with healthy social norms, but rather as a vehicle for power to bludgeon people they do not like with and rob them with paper and pen instead of knife and sword.

Poor people working under the table as contractors, often who do a decent job, are not criminals, nor are they a threat to society, but rather it is those parasitic types with their too-common round spectacles and fancy pens who, sitting behind their desks in a suit with a fake smile, seek to abuse, enslave, and destroy honest and hard-working men trying to care for their families for their own benefit, and then demanding exceptions to their own wretched behavior while trying to get the common man to enslave himself out of nationalist or racialist fervor.

Such men truly are the sons of Sodom and the people of Gomorrah.

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