Swarms Of Locusts Destroy Huge Swaths Of Land In East Africa

Shoebat.com noted how locust plagues have been assaulting East Africa, destroying crops and causing havoc. It has become so bad that the Wall Street Journal has picked up the story, noting that the bugs of Biblical plagues have destroyed huge areas of farmland, provoking fears of a famine.

Across Somalia, desert locusts in a swarm the size of Manhattan have destroyed a swath of farmland as big as Oklahoma. In Kenya, billions-strong clouds of the insects have eaten through 800 square miles of crops and survived a weekslong spraying campaign. In parts of Pakistan, the pests have eaten 40% of the harvest, forcing the government to declare a national emergency.

The worst plague of locusts in generations isn’t over yet, but the gargantuan scale of the damage it has wrought is coming into focus and raising concerns of a humanitarian crisis. Billions upon billions of the insects—feared by many of the world’s ancient civilizations—have gathered into thick blizzards that have now swept across more than 10 nations on two continents, eating every crop in their path. In parts of East Africa, the epicenter of the plague, swarms the size of large cities are destroying some 1.8 million metric tons of vegetation every day, according to the United Nations, enough food to feed 81 million people. (source)

Locusts are very disturbing to deal with. I say this from experience. They look like giant grasshoppers, they fly but in a lazy manner, and they eat everything around you, sparing nothing and making a mess wherever they go. Over the course of weeks, I watched them devour a pond filled with cat tails, practically sawing off the tops of the plants and shredding the leaves as they greedily ate what they could.

Seeing this gave me a new appreciation for the insects, and what the Bible says about them. It is no surprise to me why they are so feared, because they are truly a plague when they come.

Am I saying this event is Biblical? Not necessarily. I am saying that it is definately going to cause food shortages, which leads to internal instability, and that subsequently leads to migrations of people to better areas, and it is happening at the same time when the US and Germany both announced that 2020 would likely see another migration crisis.

Co-incidence? You be the judge, but at the very least, we can say that now is not the time to sit back lazily, but to work and pray, for there will be a time when one must close and lock the doors and use what one has stored up for the proverbial winter that is coming. Remember the parable of the ant and the grasshopper, and be sure to act accordingly.

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