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japan vs china

China And Japan Are Rivaling For Domination Over Asia

If somebody loans money to you, they rule over you. If a nation loans money to another nation, it is a takeover. Laos is in a tremendous amount of foreign debt — $14.5 billion — and half of this is owed to China. Loans given to Laos by China have been used for major infrastructure […]

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sabra massacre

When Catholics Murdered Thousands Of People In The 1980s

In this post, I would like to provide descriptions of an event that I have never written on in detail: the massacres of the Sabra and Shatila camps in Beirut, in which thousands were butchered. The killings lasted for four days. Women were ravished, babies were murdered, and mounds of bodies were made. The killers […]

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Abortion, Gilles De Rais, And The Evils Within The Church

The blood of God was once the juice of grapes, fermented for a window of time, full of sweetness, before its transubstantiation, before it is brought before the altar as a perpetual sacrifice. The blood that the demons thirst for is the gore of children, butchered under the sinister alter of those vacuous of souls. […]

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shinzo abe face

Shinzo Abe Was Evil

The murder of Shinzo Abe energized the Japanese people to vote in favor for his party. Now that the Liberal Democratic Party (the LDP, Abe’s party, alongside its coalition partner the Buddhist New Komeito party) has the supermajority, its members are now in the position to execute the plan that Abe exerted all of his […]

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Before Shinzo Abe’s Murder, Many People Within His Own Party Were Rivaling Against Him

By Theodore Shoebat Before the murder of Shinzo Abe, there was infighting between factions within his party, the Liberal Democratic Party. The Liberal Democratic Party is the biggest party in Japan, and with it being so large, it is only expected that it would have different factions within. Shinzo Abe was the leader of the […]

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putin kaliningrad

Russia Warns Lithuania Of A “Sharp” Response If It Does Not End Blockade To Kaliningrad

Russia has just warned Lithuania that it will get a sharp response if it does not stop the blocking of goods from entering its borders on transit to Kaliningrad, which is an oblast of Russia, as we read in Kresy: A spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Lithuania and the European […]

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