China Tells The US: Focus On Fighting Covid And Not On Bashing China

The Chinese government says the US should focus on fighting covid as opposed to bashing China, as we read in the Global Times:

“We have noted that recently some people in the US have made comments on China’s COVID policy adjustment. We also noted that quite many people have said if the US had not politicized the epidemic, and had treated it responsibly and put people’s lives first like the Chinese government, perhaps the COVID situation in the US and the whole world would not have become what it is today,” Mao Ning, spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said at a press conference on Wednesday, when asked about the latest comment from US officials criticizing China for lacking transparency in COVID information.

“We truly hope the focus will be on tackling the virus rather than politicizing the COVID issue, and countries can step up solidarity and make joint efforts to defeat the pandemic,” Mao said