Archive | January 12, 2023

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Video Shows Russian Soldier Asking Ukrainian Troops To Surrender. When They Refuse, The Russian Soldiers Shoots Them All

A video has surfaced recently showing a Russian soldier asking two Ukrainian troops to surrender. The Ukrainians refused, chaos ensued and the Russian shot and killed both of them. According to Russian media, the event happened in the Kremennaya area:

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NATO Will Train Tens Of Thousands Of Ukrainians In 2023. Russia Warns That This Will Only Make The War Last Longer

As we have said numerous times on this site, the decade of the 20s is going to be one of military buildup and militarism. A recent report has come out talking about how NATO will be training tens of thousands of Ukrainians. But the Russians are warning that this will only prolong the war. As […]

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Japan Wants The Ability To Hit Chinese Military Bases

Japan wants the ability to hit Chinese military bases, another reflection of the rising prospect of war in east Asia. As we read in the Japan Times: Tokyo and Washington agreed to deploy a more agile and capable U.S. Marine unit to Okinawa, ramp up joint surveillance operations, expand the shared use of military facilities […]

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US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Says That He Doubts China Will Invade Taiwan

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently expressed doubts as to whether or not a Chinese invasion of Taiwan is imminent, as we read in the Japan Times: when asked directly about the chances of an attack on Taiwan in the near future, Austin was dismissive. “I won’t second-guess Mr. Xi, but what I will tell […]

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