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France And Germany Are Very Upset At Biden For His Green Incentive Deal, And Are Now Working To Keep Investments Within Europe

France and Germany are both very upset at Biden for his green incentive deal, which provides subsidies and tax credits to companies for green technologies and manufacturing. The Europeans don’t like this because it would incentivize investment more in the US than the EU. This is yet another step towards EU (mainly Germany) pursuing more […]

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Video Captures Passengers Smiling And Laughing Before Dying In Plane Crash

A video from the flight in Nepal that crashed (killing 68 people) is online, showing passengers laughing and smiling before their deaths. It really does show the capriciousness of life. One moment you are alive, the next you are dead. Death… comes to us all.

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Turkey Hinders Sweden’s Accession To NATO After Kurdish Activists Do A Mock Hanging Of Erdogan Effigy

Turkey has pulled back on Sweden’s accession to NATO, after Kurdish activists in Sweden did a demonstration in which they did a mocking hanging of an effigy with Erdogan. As we read in Kommersant: Speaker of the Turkish Parliament Mustafa Sentop canceled a visit to Ankara scheduled for Tuesday by his Swedish counterpart Andreas Norlen, […]

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Japan And India Are Training Their Air Forces Together, The Japanese Want To Expand Their Sphere Of Activity To India

Japan and India are doing joint air force training, and the Japanese plan on training in India to expand their sphere of activity to India. Its obvious as to why this is happening: both India and Japan have a common enemy and that is China. As we read in the Global Times: Japan and India […]

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Japan Abandons Post War Order, And Will Begin Developing Its Own Hypersonic Missiles

Japan has abandoned its post war order as it is now boosting up its military, it has okayed a spending budget which will make it the third largest defense spender on earth, and it will begin developing its own hypersonic missiles. As we read in the Japan Times: For decades, Japan has based its international […]

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