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Major Ukrainian Official Gives This Warning To Germany: ‘If You Don’t Give Us Tanks, Russia Will Invade Germany.’

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, has said that if Germany does not send tanks to Ukraine then Russia will invade Germany, as we read in Kommersant: “If Mr. Scholz wants the Germans to fight near Berlin and near Stuttgart on German tanks with the Russians, then he can […]

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China Tells The US: Focus On Fighting Covid And Not On Bashing China

The Chinese government says the US should focus on fighting covid as opposed to bashing China, as we read in the Global Times: “We have noted that recently some people in the US have made comments on China’s COVID policy adjustment. We also noted that quite many people have said if the US had not […]

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Reports Of Massacres In Mariupol By Ukrainian Nazis — Mass Executions And Brutality

There are reports on mass executions in Mariupol published by the Tribunal. These atrocities entail the killing of civilians for getting too close to Azov’s position and even the murder of civilians for drinking alcohol outside pass curfew. The Russian government recently reported that thousands of dead civilians were discovered after the Russians took Mariupol […]

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