RUSSIA IS RIGHT: Ukraine Is Full Of Nazis And They Are BACKED BY THE WEST

Looking at the Right-wing movement in Ukraine, one can see much planning for fighting a Russian occupation, and such a Right-wing insurgency is getting backing from NATO. For example, in 2019, just less than a month after Zelensky won the election, a far-Right Ukrainian nationalist and insurgent named Andriy Levus spoke at a conference called “Oversight of the Security and Defense Sector”, and it was organized by the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies (GCM ECSS), and hosted by the NATO Professional Development Program in Kyiv. This is just one example of NATO’s ties with Ukrainian far-Right insurgent. Levus was leading a movement known as “anti-capitulation” which was prepared to fight Zelensky’s government in the case that it gave away territory to Russia. The fact that NATO has been backing Ukrainian nationalism since the Cold War means that we shouldn’t be surprised if one day the nationalists rise to the point that they become a serious enough force to commit massacres at the scale their Nazi collaborating grandparents did.

When the Soviets ruled over Ukraine, it was the Germans who drove them out in World War Two. The Germans trained tens of thousands of Ukrainian nationalists to fight the Soviets. Even though the nationalists in those days were a minority in Ukraine, that still did not stop it from becoming a very destructive force. A minority can be simply tens of thousands of people, and an army of tens thousands of very well trained and armed men is still very dangerous and can make mountains of corpses. Today, the Germans have plans to train Ukrainians to fight the Russians. In October of 2022 the EU agreed to train 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers. In November of 2022, German Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht stated: “We are planning to train up to 5,000 soldiers alone in a wide range of skills, i.e. in brigade format, by next June”. Given NATO’s history of training neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists (such as in the Gladio operation of the Cold War), I am wondering how many of these Ukrainians undergoing training are far-Right extremists, extremists who could one day lead a major insurgency, even against the Ukrainian government itself.

In November of 2021, Zelensky castigated a Ukrainian journalist named Yuri Butusov for causing increasing tensions with Russia: “During the last week I had two or three international calls daily, including with the leadership of the EU, the US and Britain because of you.” A few days later, Butusov filmed himself firing artillery in eastern Ukraine to “avenge Holodomor” (a reference to the starvation of millions of Ukrainians under Stalin). He also joined a council formed by a hardcore nationalist movement known as the “Resistance Movement” or the “Movement for the Resistance to Capitulation” which was founded to go against any giving up of territory to Russia by the Ukrainian government.

On December 1st of 2021, Butsuov and other nationalists called for Zelensky to be removed from power, just months before the war broke out. Before the Russians invaded Ukraine, the prospect of a coup made Zelensky nervous, to the point that in November of 2021 he warned of how Russians and Ukrainians were planning to attempt a coup to overthrow him. What is amazing is that this was right before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Zelensky was not warning of a Russian invasion, but of a revolution from within. In January of 2022, the month before the outbreak of the war, Zelensky had a phone call conversation with Biden in which the US president spoke about a potential Russian invasion. According to the Ukrainians, the conversation was tense because Zelensky expressed himself against what he believed was US media scare mongering about a Russian invasion of Ukraine. A senior Ukrainian official told CNN that the talk “did not go well” due to disagreements over the “risk levels” of a Russian attack.

The Ukrainian government was downplaying the Russian threat intensely against American warnings. “We do not see a bigger escalation that it has been before,” Zelenskyy said in a conference in January of 2022 in regards to Russia’s buildup around Ukraine, adding that he did not think the security situation “is more intense than it was… at the peak time in early 2021.” In his talks with foreign leaders, Zelenskyy complained that “the image that mass media creates is that we have troops on the roads, we have mobilization, people are leaving for places. That’s not the case. We don’t need this panic.” Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov also sought to bring about calm and not fret: “Don’t worry, sleep well. No need to have your bags packed.” The Ukrainians were not talking about invasion, but revolution.

On February 8th of 2022, weeks before the war, Leonid Ragozin wrote, “While downplaying the risk of a Russian offensive and even reprimanding the West for sowing panic, the Ukrainian leadership appears preoccupied with a different threat – that of a coup.” In the same article Ragozin referred to the ultra-nationalist “Capitulation Resistance Movement” as “a radical street force dedicated to toppling Zelensky” and “a paramilitary force associated with the nationalist opposition that coalesced around former president Petro Poroshenko.”


After the Russians invaded Ukraine, the Movement for the Resistance to Capitulation changed its name to the “Free Ukraine Resistance Movement”. This movement has been — though not formally — working within the Ukrainian military, law enforcement and the national guard. Journalist Michael Weiss wrote in March of 2022 about how a member of the movement, “Anton” (who trained at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, UK), told him that the movement has about a thousand members and they are involved “undercover” behind enemy lines. “If these units are destroyed or moved back,” Anton said, “they will remove their fatigues, put on civilian clothing and become insurgents that very day. They can operate autonomously, with their own resources, and make life a living hell for the invaders. Morale is extremely high.”

The Free Ukraine Resistance Movement has two training camps, as Anton explained: “We have two training camps, one in central Ukraine, one in western Ukraine … We teach our fighters how to stop a tank, how to bomb it, how to burn out Russian vehicles. We’ve been instructing people for the last seven days.” When asked if the movement is getting help from foreign countries, Anton told the journalist: “At the moment we have only materials sent from the West, but no Western instructors on the ground. We’ve been in communication with retired SAS [British special forces] and former U.S. military guys, but they’re not deployed here.” Regardless that he said this, Weiss wrote that the Free Ukraine Resistance Movement is “teaching NATO warfare tactics acquired from former Western military trainers, particularly those from the United States.” Since this group has been getting equipment from the West, and we know that it has members who have been trained by NATO, and they are using NATO tactics, it would be safe to assume that they are a NATO stay-behind, reminiscent to the forces backed by the Gladio program of the Cold War. A fascinating fact is how long the training of Ukrainian fighters goes back. Gen. Mark Hertling, the former commanding general of U.S. Army Europe and the 7th Army, told Weiss that U.S. exercises with Ukrainian forces started as long ago as 2010 and were “formalized by something called the Joint Multinational Readiness Group Ukraine (or JMRG-U) outside of Yavoriv,” in the Lviv region in western Ukraine. Western Ukraine is also where this Free Ukraine Resistance Movement has been training; it is also where Ukraine has its heaviest concentration of ultra-nationalist Bandera lovers.

Marc Polymeropoulos, Former CIA Head of Clandestine Operations in Europe and Eurasia, explained: “Supporting a Ukrainian insurgency is built into the DNA of both the U.S. intelligence community and special operations forces… For years, the U.S. provided our Ukrainian friends with training and material assistance. The military’s Special Operations Command Europe was created nearly seven decades ago for just this moment, countering a Russian invasion in Europe.” Essentially, what is happening in Ukraine with NATO backing insurgents is a continuation of Gladio. Even if Russia succeeds in taking eastern Ukraine and Crimea, there will be these very battalions that Russia will have to deal with. Also, if Russia is officially given these territories through the Ukrainian government compromising, the state would then have to deal with the ire and hatred of these armed far-Right groups.

This is why the Free Ukraine Resistance Movement was founded, to be ready to respond violently both to the Ukrainian government and to Russian occupation in the case that Kiev capitulates. “We established this movement to fight in the event Russia was formally handed Crimea and the occupied areas of Donbas,” Anton says. Weiss described this “Resistance Movement” as an “insurgency-in-waiting, one of many, no doubt, that plans to resort to guerrilla warfare in the event that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attempted conquest of Ukraine turns into a prolonged occupation of major population centers.” These guerrillas have been waiting for this conflict for decades. In 1950, a Ukrainian nationalist publication even warned that a world war with Russia would come no matter what: “Do we… really want to provoke another world war? … Of course not … a third world war will come, because it is inevitable.”

A person who seriously has been leading this movement is Andriy Levus, who has been active in politics for decades. In 2010 he led a petition against a resolution by the European Parliament asking President Viktor Yanukovych to reconsider the Hero of Ukraine award being posthumously given to Stepan Bandera. At this time in 2010 Levus was the head of the Ukrainian Information Service (headquartered in London), a Kyiv-based group aligned with the OUN or the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, a continuation of the group of the same name that collaborated with the Nazis, were trained by the Nazis, and butchered tens of thousands of Polish and Jewish civilians during the Second World War. What this tells us is that this insurgent nationalist group is a continuation of the same insurgency that was trained and backed by Germany during the Second World War, and it is the continuation of the same bloodthirsty gang. The fact that Levus, part of the current day OUN, was active in 2010 tells us that such a movement has been brewing for decades and was never shutdown in World War Two. These Ukrainian nazis have an international network active not just in Ukraine but in the UK, the US, Canada and Germany. This OUN group, the Ukrainian Information Service, is registered not only in London but in Yaroslava, Ukraine, alongside the Ukrainian Institute of Educational Policy in Germany, Ukrainian American Freedom Foundation in New York City, and the Stadium Research Institute in Toronto, Canada. Its an entire international network.

Levus’s political activism goes back to his youth. He joined Ukraine’s Nationalist Youth Movement which, according to Leonid Ragozin, is the youth branch for the current day OUN. Ragozin also explains that the anti-capitulation movement led by Levus stemmed from the Nationalist Youth Movement.

Levus is very close to Andriy Parubiy, an ultra-nationalist who served as the commandant of the Euromaidan in 2014 which sparked the beginning of this entire storm of blood in Ukraine. Parubiy led the Euromaidan protests and after this he was appointed as a Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (until his resignation in August of 2014). From April 14th of 2014 to August 29th of 2019, Parubiy served as the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian parliament. He was the co-founder for a militant neo-Nazi party, the Social-National Party of Ukraine (SNPU), which would really be a predecessor to battalions like Azov. Levus worked as Parubiy’s assistant starting in 2009 when he became the director of the OUN aligned Ukrainian Information Service.

In 2019, an organizer for the Movement for the Resistance to Capitulation told the Daily Beast: “We are going to raise a new Maidan revolution if he [Zelensky] makes a single step away from our course.” To understand deeper the significance of this movement, we look at its ties to the Euromaidan. Why talk about the Euromaidan? Because it is in the Euromaidan where the Ukrainian revolution began, and from this there was the rippling effect that saw the people of Donbas fight for autonomy from Kiev. One cannot study the roots of the war in Ukraine without hearing about the Euromaidan. The fact that these ultra-nationalists were so involved in the Euromaidan, means that they are at the root of this conflict. This nationalist movement was extremely active in causing the Maidan revolt, and were heavy movers before it even sparked. It was working behind the scenes of the Euronastup (“Euro Offensive”) campaign in 2013 led by Serhii Bondarchuk. At this time, the movement started the “Free People network” in April of 2013 to help with the Euronastup  (“Euro Offensive”). Levus was the executive secretary for Bondarchuk’s “national roundtable” to pressure the Ukrainian government to sign a controversial Association Agreement with the European Union on November 29th (eight days after the Euromaidan protests began).

This agreement was about free trade between the EU and Ukraine and was one of the things that the Euromaidan was pushing for. After police fought against the protestors, Andriy Parubiy founded the Maidan Self-Defense (MSD) under his command, with Andriy Levus as his deputy. Levus was, at first, put in charge of the “commandant’s office” and the “mobilization service.” The yellow Euronastup tents, adjacent to the stage on the Maidan, became part of the “mobilization center” for the Maiden Self-Defense. Levus was involved in coordinating fighters for the Maidan movement, as he explained: “To the left of the stage is the so-called Military Commissariat. People come there, we collect them, and then distribute them by the hundreds.” In the ranks of this fighting force, the Youth Nationalist Congress formed the 14th and 15th companies over which Levus took charge. After Viktor Yanukovych fled to Russia, Levus told the New York Times that, in the last days of the Euromaidan, he was ready for a bloody showdown with the government, because “he had reinforcements on the way.” He further said: “I’m reluctant to talk about this because we are protesters and not illegal armed groups … But the square was about to look different. There would be more people, and they would not have had empty hands.”

There is also the connection between these nationalists and Ukrainian intelligence (which is part of its connection to NATO, since Ukrainian intelligence is in cahoots with western intelligence agencies) Levus has ties with the former head of Ukrainian intelligence (SBU), Valentyn Nalyvaichenko. According to Zaborona, Levus was “associated for many years with the former head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaichenko”.

In 2014, right after the Euromaidan revolution, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, who was before this the first deputy head of the Security Service of Ukraine, was elected Commissioner in charge of supervision over the Security Service of Ukraine. Nalyvaichenko’s work with Ukraine’s Security Service was highly controversial on account of his deep history with the CIA. In fact, when the Security Service had its graduation ceremony for recruits in 2008, it was attended by both the US ambassador William Taylor Jr. and Nalyvaichenko whose decision to invite the ambassador was criticized by current and former employees of the Security Service.

The Euromaidan revolution of 2014 was infested with Ukrainian nationalists and Nazis who were militants of various violent paramilitary organizations. Information actually leaked out revealing that Nalyvaichenko was involved with summer training camps for the Stephan Bandera Tryzub, a neo-Nazi organization. It is no wonder that Nalyvaichenko was close to Dmytro Yarosh, a Ukrainian nazi who fought for the Chechen mujahideen and was part of the Social National Union of Ukraine. That the head of the Ukrainian Security Service (which is the CIA of Ukraine) was working to train neo-Nazis, and that this head of the Service was intimate with Washington, really reveals that the Gladio policy — in which NATO intelligence services recruited and trained Nazis after the Second World War to form paramilitaries in Europe — never ended and still continues today. 

Andriy Levus himself was in Ukrainian intelligence, being roughly half of 2014, the deputy head of the Security Service of Ukraine. During this time, he was (according to Zaborona) “responsible for work with the volunteer battalions that were being created at that time. According to his own Facebook posts, Levus also led the Donbas guerrillas who carried out acts of sabotage against the Russian military and local separatists, including bombings.” Levus’s “Free People” organization became a “volunteer movement” mostly led by members of the Youth Nationalist Congress. One member of the Youth Nationalist Movement told a German journalist in 2015: “We set up a second organization called Vilny Liudy [Free People] and we support the troops. We provide clothing and equipment for both the regular troops and the volunteer battalions. Nobody is adequately supplied… We carry out fundraising trips to Canada, where there are many Ukrainians in exile who support our struggle.” In December of 2016, Free People inaugurated Andriy Levus as its chairman, Serhii Kuzan as his first deputy, and Serhii Vysotsky as the second deputy head.


Free People then sent representatives to the United States. Kuzan partook in a Ukrainian ideological winter camp hosted by the Ukrainian American Youth Association every December 26-30 in Ellenville, New York. In 2017, Andriy Levus made at least four trips to the United States. In the summer of that year, Levus attended the annual Ukrainian Day festival in Chicago, which was sponsored by the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America. This latter organization funds propaganda about Ukrainian mass murderers. In their 2017 report the organization boasts how “For decades, the Film Committee of UCCA has awarded grants towards documentaries showing the true history of Ukraine, and has co-produced feature films which portrayed the lives of historic Ukrainian leaders, including Stepan Bandera (1995), General Roman Shukhevych (2000), Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky (2008), and Symon Petliura (2018).” Bandera was a leader of his own branch of the OUN which collaborated with the Nazis who butchered tens of thousands. Shukhevych was one of the orchestrators of such massacres. Metropolitan Sheptytsky helped organize the SS Galician and gave his blessing to the Ukrainian Catholic (Uniate) Nazi division.

In October of 2017, Levus visited Washington, DC for the annual Ukrainian Days lobbying event on Capitol Hill, organized by the UCCA’s Washington bureau with backing from the Heritage Foundation, a major conservative think tank. What’s fascinating is that the Heritage Foundation’s founder, Paul Weyrich, supported a Hungarian nazi named Laszlo Pasztor during the Cold War. Pasztor was commissioned by the US government to recruit Eastern European Nazis and nationalists to gather intelligence for the CIA and to produce and help spread anti-Soviet propaganda. Pasztor was a member of the Hungarian Nazi party, the Arrow Cross, which was responsible for the extermination of ten to fifteen thousand Jews, Serbs, Gypsies and others, and for deporting 80,000 people to death camps in Austria. Pasztor also worked as a wartime Hungarian diplomat to Berlin, capital of the Third Reich. Pasztor was commissioned by the US government to recruit neo-Nazis in Eastern Europe. This operation was in accordance to Gladio, which was to recruit Nazis and far-Right activists and militants. Pasztor would eventually work with Paul Weyrich, the founder of the Heritage Foundation and the Free Congress Foundation.

In 1969, President Nixon permitted Pasztor to create an ethnic Central and Eastern European arm of the Republican Party. Pasztor, with the green light of America, brought in Central and Eastern European Nazis, some of whom were officials of Third Reich puppet governments, and even people said to have been war criminals during WW2. Pasztor moved some of these Nazis into the American Security Council’s Coalition for Peace Through Strength, a government think tank that was extremely influential on the Reagan Administration.

According to one investigation, Pasztor said that Paul Weyrich’s Free Congress Foundation provided “him with office space for his work for the Weyrich-sponsored Coalitions for America, that he regularly provides written reports of his activities to Weyrich, who is president of FCF as well as national chairman of Coalitions for America. The Coalitions for America brochure uses a photograph of Pasztor to illustrate the world of the Liberation Support Alliance.”

Pasztor spoke at a forum co-sponsored by Weyrich’s Heritage Foundation and the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, or ABN. The ABN was founded in 1943, as a body of Nazi paramilitary groups from the Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States, Bulgaria, and Hungary, and they were all fighting for Hitler in the eastern front. According to the ABN, Pasztor spoke as a representative of the “Hungarian organization.” And Weyrich himself would actually travel to Hungary on behalf of his Free Congress Foundation to speak with political organizers. And today nothing has changed. This Heritage Foundation — and all these groups like it — claim the word “think tank” when they are just pawns for nazis and murderers masqueraded as organizations. Decades ago, the Heritage Foundation backed the fascists of Eastern Europe, and today they do the same evil. Days after the DC conference, Andriy Levus celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) — a paramilitary of mass murderers who butchered Poles and Jews — with neo-Banderites in Canada.

Levus’s Free People is under an umbrella organization called “National Action Committee” under which is also the group founded by the nazi Dmytro Yarosh called DIYA (Governmental Initiative of Yarosh). Yarosh is a nazi who fought for the Chechen mujahideen against the Russians and is well connected with the Ukrainian government, as is attested by the fact that in 2021 Yarosh was appointed as Adviser to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valerii Zaluzhnyi.

In January of 2018, Ukrainian nationalists organized a March in Kyiv and formed a coordinating center with members of Youth Nationalist Congress, Levus’s Free People, and the neo-Nazi terrorist group C14. This far-right coalition demanded the utter purging of “Russian influence” from society. The coalition also setup the foundation for Free People to start its anti-Zelensky “Resistance Movement.” To further show how these people are nazis, in April of 2019 Free People announced its “Protect Ukraine” campaign and it was attended by Yuriy Shukhevych, the son of OUN-B military leader, Roman Shukhevych, a Nazi collaborator and mass murderer. When they worked under the banner “Protect Ukraine,” what did they want to protect? Ukraine from Zelensky in the case that he gives up any territory to Russia. During the press conference for the event, Ivan Kovalyk, a member of the Youth Nationalist Congress, stated: “We have to save the state,” referring to removing those who would capitulate to Russia. After Zelensky won the presidency, one member of “Protect Ukraine” told the Daily Beast: “We are going to raise a new Maidan revolution if he [Zelensky] makes a single step away from our course… He is weak, he does not have a religion, he does not have a nationality.” The “Protect Ukraine” campaign was being rooted for by Dmytro Yarosh, the founder of Right Sector, and the commandant of the Euromaidan, Andriy Parubiy. The Euromaidan was uplifted by the West as a righteous revolt, but its commandant was a hardcore nationalist who was against Zelensky. Even though Zelensky got to be “Man of the Year” in TIME Magazine, that does not stop a potential Right-wing storm that could eclipse the status-quo.

Just to show further the ties between the US government and Ukrainian nationalists, Levus spoke at a conference for the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies which, according to its own website, “is one of six United States Department of Defense Regional Centers, and the only bilateral Center—a partnership between the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and the German Federal Ministry of Defense (FMoD).” This is an American German conspiracy.

According to Moss Robeson, “Less than a month after the election, Andriy Levus spoke at an “Oversight of the Security and Defense Sector” seminar organized by the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies (GCM ECSS), and hosted by the NATO Professional Development Program in Kyiv. The GCM ECSS is run by the U.S. Department of Defense and the German Ministry of Defense. A few years back, Levus participated in the GCM ECSS’ third annual Ukrainian Senior Leaders Seminar. So did Serhiy Vysotsky, a member of Free People, and Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, who co-founded Odnodumci.” With such western support, it makes one wonder if NATO is anticipating a Right-wing surge in Ukraine that would commit all sorts of horrific atrocities at a large scale. Just as it was the Germans who backed Ukrainian nationalists against Russia, today we see Germany — and the US — backing these very types of fanatics.