The Government Of Moldova Reports That Citizens Of Russia, Serbia, Belarus And Montenegro Planned To Do A Coup To Overthrow Pro-EU Government

The government of Moldova has reported on a planned coup by citizens of Russia, Serbia, Belarus and Montenegro, as we read in Balkan Insight:

Officials in Serbia and Montenegro on Tuesday called for clarification from Chisinau after Moldovan President Maia Sandu alleged that citizens of Russia, Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro planned to try to enter Moldova and violently oust the country’s pro-EU government in order to replace it with a Russian-controlled puppet regime.

Sandu claimed on Monday that foreign saboteurs with military training, disguised as civilians, would try to stage a coup and take hostages under cover of protests staged by Moldova’s pro-Russian opposition.

Several Serbian football fans who flew to Moldova to watch an international match were turned back in case any of them were undercover saboteurs.

Moldova’s airspace was also briefly closed on Tuesday afternoon for what were described as security reasons.

But Serbia and Montenegro claimed they had not been informed about any plot or any specific individuals allegedly involved.