The President Of Serbia Reports That Western Officials Told To Him That They Are Involved In The War In Ukraine But Refuse To Admit This Publicly

Alexander Vucic just reported that several Western officials admitted him that they are involved in the war in Ukraine. They, according to Vucic, told him that if Serbia does not “behave” that it will be deprived of investments. As we read in Radio1:

Serbian President Vučić said that Western representatives admitted to participating in the Ukrainian conflict and exerting pressure

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said that Western politicians confessed to him involvement in the conflict in Ukraine and exerting pressure. About it writes RIA Novosti.

According to Vučić, due to the escalation of the conflict on the territory of Ukraine, conversations with Western representatives have become tougher and more demanding, including on the issue of a settlement in Kosovo.

“I was told: ‘We have a war going on in Europe, we are participating, even though we don’t say it.’ And they say that Belgrade will lose a lot or everything if it does not behave properly,” the agency quotes the words of the Serbian leader.

The President added that in the event of Belgrade’s intractability, Western representatives announced a possible termination of investments in Serbia, the withdrawal of already invested capital, as well as the suspension of its European integration and the closure of enterprises.