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German and Dutch soldiers training in Scotland

The Dutch Now Want To Merge Their Military With The German Military

The Netherlands now wants to merge completely its military with the German military. As we read in the European Conservative: A confidential roadmap for the proposals was signed off in December at a meeting of military officials in Dresden with the war in Ukraine accelerating calls for a defence harmonisation between the two countries. Regulations […]

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Argentina And Brazil Declare New Plan To Form Their Own Currency To Break Away From American Control

Argentina and Brazil have declared a plan for their own new currency as a way to break free from American control. As we read in Geopolitical Economy: The governments of Brazil and Argentina are making plans to create a new currency for Latin America, called the Sur (“south” in English), according to a report in […]

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Austrian Military Leader States NATO Soldiers Can Just Take Off Their Uniforms And Ride The Tanks In Ukraine As Private Contractors

Austrian military leader, Colonel Markus Reisner, recently stated that NATO soldiers don’t (technically) need to be sent to Ukraine to ride the new tanks (the American Abrams and the German leopards) as NATO soldiers can just take off their uniforms and ride the tanks as private contractors. Its a loophole and actually that they can […]

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Video Shows Ukrainians Using Chemical Weapons On Russian Soldiers, And The Russian Soldiers Convulsing To Their Deaths

A video shows Ukrainians using chemical weapons on Russian soldiers. One can see the Russian soldiers convulsing to their deaths. A Ukrainian song plays in the background of the video to mock their deaths: #Ukranian channels celebrating use of chem weapons on #Russian soldiers.After release of the canister the men appear to have spasms and […]

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Turkey’s Plan For The Ethnic Cleansing Of The Armenians

Turkey’s plan for empire faces multiple fronts: there is North Africa, where Turkey wants to control Libya; the Middle East where Turkish troops are in Syria and Iraq; in the Mediterranean where it has a territorial dispute with Greece, and the south Caucasus where Turkey backs the aggressor nation Azerbaijan against Armenia. For over a […]

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