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Russian Soldier Refuses To Say “Slava Ukraini” In Front Of Ukrainian Captors Who Try To Force Him To Say It

A Russian soldier who looks obviously beaten and tormented, was ordered by his Ukrainian captors to say “Slava Ukraini”, the mantra of the Ukrainian nationalists. According to one Russian website: Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, openly calling themselves “Bandera” captured a Russian soldier wounded in the back. But despite the severe wound of […]

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Germany Warns The World: If You Are Not Against Russia Then You Are Against Us

Germany recently warned the world that if countries are not against Russia, then they are against Germany and NATO. As we read in Geopolitical Economy: The foreign ministers of the United States, Germany, and Ukraine have told the world “you can’t be neutral” in NATO’s proxy war with Russia, recalling President George W. Bush’s infamous […]

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Poland Increases Its Defense Spending To 4% GDP

As a response to the war in Ukraine, Poland this year has increased its defense spending to 4% GDP from 2.5%. As we read in the National News: The Polish government has said this year’s military budget will jump from less than 2.5 per cent of GDP to 4 per cent. “In two to three […]

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Sweden Wants To Double Its Military In The Next Eight Years

Sweden is now undergoing a revamping of its military and wants to double it in the next eight years. As we read in the National News: Sweden is keen to upgrade outdated equipment and train more soldiers amid heightened regional tensions with Russia, a senior military official has said. Speaking at the International Armoured Vehicles […]

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US Forces Catch Major ISIS Leader, He Blows Himself Up Injuring Four American Soldiers And A Service Dog

According to the news, four American soldiers and a their service dog were injured after they caught a major ISIS leader who then blew himself up. As we read in CBS News: The U.S. military said Friday a helicopter raid led by its forces in northeast Syria left senior ISIS leader Hamza al-Homsi dead and […]

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Latvian Government Says That It Will Spend 3% GDP On Military By 2027

The government of Latvia has announced that it will be spending 3% of GDP on its military by 2027. As we read in Defense News: Latvian Defence Minister Ināra Mūrniece has announced the country’s military expenditure could reach the level of 3% of its gross domestic product earlier than planned, as she aims to sign […]

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Lukashenko Warns: ‘Even If One Ukrainian Soldier Enters My Country, Belarus Will Go To War With Ukraine.’

Lukashenko recently told the BBC that even if just one Ukrainian soldier enters Belarus, his country will go to war with Uklraine. "I'm ready to provide my territory." One year since his country was used as a launchpad for Putin's invasion of Ukraine, Alexander Lukashenko says Belarus is ready to do the same again. 📺 […]

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The Government Of Moldova Reports That Citizens Of Russia, Serbia, Belarus And Montenegro Planned To Do A Coup To Overthrow Pro-EU Government

The government of Moldova has reported on a planned coup by citizens of Russia, Serbia, Belarus and Montenegro, as we read in Balkan Insight: Officials in Serbia and Montenegro on Tuesday called for clarification from Chisinau after Moldovan President Maia Sandu alleged that citizens of Russia, Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro planned to try to enter […]

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Serbian Nationalists Try To Raid Presidential Building To Protest Normalization Talks With Kosovo

Serbian nationalists tried to raid the presidential building to show their rage against normalization talks with Kosovo. In this video, at around the 52 second mark, a man gives a speech to the riot officers: “equal right to attack us, people. We came democratically to issue demands. So, the responsibility is on you. Not on […]

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Rebels Block Earthquake Aid In Syria Because It Comes From Assad Controlled Areas

Rebels have been blocking aid for the earthquake because it comes from areas controlled by the Assad government, as we read in Reuters: A convoy from the Kurdish-led northeast destined for an area in the northwest held by Turkey-backed rebel factions – enemies that have fought numerous bouts of conflict during the civil war – […]

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