Six Christians Are Now Facing The Death Penalty In Libya Because NATO Murdered Gaddafi

Since NATO murdered Gaddafi, Christians are now facing horrendous persecution. Six Christians are now facing the death penalty in Libya:

According to the Guardian:

Six Libyans are facing the death penalty for converting to Christianity and proselytising under laws increasingly being used to silence civil society and human rights organisations, say activists.

The women and men – some from Libya’s minority ethnic groups, including the Amazigh, or Berbers, in the west of the country – were separately detained in March by security forces.

Gaddafi was not interested in persecuting Christians. There is a report from Notre Dame University that reads:

Muammar Gaddafi ruled Libya as a dictator for over forty years, until his death in 2011. Although technically Christianity was subject to regulations and restrictions during this time, most of these laws—such as those that prohibited Bibles and other religious materials from entering Libya—were unenforced. In fact, Christians report very little religious-inspired discrimination in employment, housing, or everyday life under Gaddafi’s rule. On occasions of religious festivities such as Palm Sunday, Copts would even have processions on the streets without any expressed objection from the Libyan community.

So what is all this nonsense about Gaddafi being a tyrant?