Pakistani Government Signs Law That Would Put People In Prison For Life For “Blaspheming” Muhammad

The government of Pakistan just signed a law that could would put people in prison for life for “blaspheming” Muhammad. As we read in the Christian Post:

Two bills passed by Pakistan’s Legislature have raised concerns among Christian and civil society groups. The Criminal Laws (Amendment) Act 2023 increases punishment for blasphemy offenses, while the National Commission for Minorities Bill 2023 fails to adequately safeguard minority rights.

The Criminal Laws (Amendment) Act 2023, passed in Pakistan’s Senate this month, increases the punishment for insulting the Islamic prophet Muhammad’s companions, wives and family members from three years to life imprisonment, and says it must not be less than 10 years, the U.K.-based group Christian Solidarity Worldwide said in a statement.

The National Assembly approved the legislation in January 2023, and civil society and minority communities in Pakistan warned that it could fuel rights abuses and target religious minorities, the group explained.