Ukrainian Nazis Take Russian Civilians And Demand That They Say Certain Words. Once They Hear The Russian Dialect, They Execute All The Russians

Ukrainian nazis have been executing civilians for having a certain Russian accent. They demand that the passersby say certain words, and once they hear the dialect, the murder them.

As we read in RGRU:

The book “Ukrainian crimes against humanity (2022-2023)” by Maxim Grigoriev and Dmitry Sablin has been published. It was written on the basis of the investigations of the International Public Tribunal (ILO), which included human rights activists from different countries. The publication is based on over 600 real testimonies and 456 human destinies and stories collected by the ILO in the wake of crimes committed by Ukrainian neo-Nazis in Donbass.

– This book is in my bookmarks, – said Tatyana Moskalkova, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, – its value is that it systematizes human testimonies, making them a historical document. The authors of the study have traveled a difficult path, adding disparate facts and human tragedies into a large-scale thoughtful picture of the violation of human rights. Such large-scale investigations by the International Public Tribunal bring closer the meanings of historical truth and the hour of response for those who are stained with crimes against humanity.

The Ombudswoman paid special attention to how the authors, on the basis of testimonies, show the methods of reprisals against the defenseless by neo-Nazis. Massive shelling of civilian territories, torture, “human shields” or the “sandwich” method, when the national battalions and the Armed Forces of Ukraine put unarmed citizens in front of them, looting, sexual violence, preventing the evacuation of women, the elderly and children, provocations, when under the guise of distributing “humanitarian aid” they gather people in one place and a rocket flies there or shelling begins, repressions against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, persecution of priests, robberies and raider seizures of churches. All these facts are collected together and in compliance with the chronology, the place of events and the enumeration of paramilitary formations and people whose names could be established.

The authors pay special attention to technologies of dehumanization. Thus, the chairman of the Public Chamber of the LPR, Alexei Karyakin, drew attention to the prevalence of the “kite” method of torture, when a prisoner’s fingers are broken and not allowed to grow together so that a person cannot serve himself. Torture as a method of “re-educating” a new person is given a special place in the investigation. Sophisticated orture – “domestic” Nazism. For example, in Severodonetsk, Mariupol and Artemovsk, patrols on the street shot passers-by “just like that.” “Why did they go for water or along the street?” asked Shiria, one of the Nazi battalionmen imprisoned in Donetsk, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for shooting 12 elderly people and women for an incomplete month of “patrol”.

“Say a glade,” – with such a demand, patrols of the National Battalions and the Armed Forces of Ukraine stopped passers-by on the streets of Makeevka, Kupyansk, Mariupol, Volnovakha and other cities of Donbass. And they killed not only those who could not pronounce this word, but also those who spoke it with the “wrong” – Russian accent.