Archive | September 16, 2023

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Munich Security Conference Says That Germany Can No Longer Rely On America For Defense Against Russia And Thus Must Increase Its Military Might

The chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Christoph Heusgen, said that Germany cannot rest all the time on America as a shelter, and must thus further strengthen itself. As we read in an interview that Heusgen did with ZDF: ZDF: You have experience with the first Trump administration: What can we expect if Trump wins […]

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Sweden Will Be Boosting Its Military Spending By 30%

The Swedish government has announced that it will be increasing its military spending by 30%, another sign of the growing militarist consciousness that is rising up in Europe. As we read in Breaking Defense: The government of Sweden plans to increase its defense spending by nearly 30 percent in 2024, according to newly released public […]

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The Government Of Italy Declares: Do Not Register Homosexual Couples On Birth Certificates

The Italian government is going hard against the homosexual agenda by declaring that homosexual couples should not be registered on birth certificates, as we read in France 24: Italy’s right-wing government has been cracking down on city councils to stop listing same-sex parents on birth certificates. Led by the hardline traditionalist Meloni, the ministry of […]

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