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The right to die in Belgium_ An inside look at the world’s most liberal euthanasia law 1-22 screenshot

Woman In Belgium Declares That She Wants To Die. The Doctors Give Her Poison, But Not Enough To Kill Her. So They Smother Her To Death With A Pillow

A woman in Belgium who wanted to die was given poison but not enough to kill her. So the doctors had her suffocated to death. As we read in Kresy: In Belgium, during euthanasia, a woman was given too little lethal drugs and the medics present at the scene decided that in this situation they […]

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Poland and Ukraine_ Real Friends or European Rivals_ _ UATV Explains 1-33 screenshot

The Ukrainian Government Is Now Threatening Poland With A Lawsuit

After all that Poland has done for Ukraine, Kiev is now threatening the Poles with a lawsuit because Poland does not want to allow cheap Ukrainian grain to overtake Polish grain. As we read in Kresy: As the Politico portal reported on September 1 , Ukraine is threatening to sue Poland and the European Union […]

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Tan France Helps Non-Binary Drag Queen Feel Like A True Bride _ Say Yes To The Dress With Tan France 1-29 screenshot

Man In Russia Dresses Up Like Woman And Puts On A Wig And Walks In Public. The Police Then Arrest Him And He Will Now Be Prosecuted For Promoting Transgenderism

A man in Russia is facing prosecution for promoting transgenderism after he got arrested for walking in a dress and wearing a wig. As we read in Novaya Gazeta: A 49-year-old resident of the Primorsky region located in the Russian Far East will soon face court prosecution for “promoting LGBT and sex change” views following […]

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ISIS Is Back and Wants Revenge Against Christians After Quran Burning 1-34 screenshot

Six People In Libya Leave Islam And Convert To Christianity And Are Now In Prison Facing The Death Penalty

Six Libyans who left Islam and converted to Christianity are now facing the death penalty, as we read in Mission Network News: In Libya, persecution is an inherent risk of becoming a Christian. According to Riadh Jaballah, friend of Voice of the Martyrs Canada, the Libyan Church is primarily an underground church. “The believers still […]

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