The United States Warns Israel: ‘Your Iron Dome Will Not Be Enough To Shield You From Hezbollah.’

The United States has recently warned Israel that its Iron Dome will not be enough to shield it from Hezbollah attacks, as we read in i24:

The United States officials have “serious concerns” that a full-blown war between Israel and the Lebanon-based Iran-backed Hezbollah could overwhelm Israel’s air defenses in the north – including the much-vaunted Iron Dome air defense system, three U.S. officials told CNN.

The officials are said to have apparently communicated their concerns to to Israel, citing Hezbollah’s vast arsenal of missiles and drones.

According to the report, Israeli officials informed their U.S. counterparts of plansto shift resources from the south to northern Israel “in preparation for a possible offensive against the group.”

“We assess that at least some” Iron Dome batteries “will be overwhelmed,” CNN quoted a senior administration official.

An Israeli official cited in the report said that in a large-scale attack, Hezbollah will likely principally use precision guided weapons that Hezbollah has been stockpiling from Iran for years.

Earlier in June, Hezbollah claimed its drone damaged an Iron Dome battery at the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) base in northern Israel. The video released by the group appeared to be the first documented instance of the system successfully being hit, noted CNN.