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Christianity Is At War

We are very proud to announce that Theodore Shoebat has completed his encyclopedic work:  Christianity is at War. Here is a little info about the book which is now available for purchase: The Manifesto for Christian Militancy – 858 Pages Christianity has been at war since the beginning of humanity’s existence. We will be entering […]

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Burn Jews, BURN!

Thought to be simply forest fires, coincidentally fires across Israel take place in the past few days.  It is quickly revealed that maybe it isn’t an act of nature, but a new form of terrorism.  Hamas takes credit as squads of arson terrorists are possibly the cause of the widespread horror.  More than 75,000 residents […]

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The Effective Campaign Of The Left To Manipulate The Masses EXPOSED!

Whereas at one point I was intensely in tune with politics in the USA, I have over the years become less so since making Aliyah (moving) to Israel. However, the shock that echoed through social media upon President-elect Trump’s election was impossible to ignore.  Among folks that are more vocal in my social media stream, the […]

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Muslims Kidnap, Gouge Out Eyes, and Slaughter Christian Pastor

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian pastor in Iraq was kidnapped, and he was later found dead with his eyes gouged out. According to one recent report that documented numerous attacks on Christian clergy in Iraq: In December 2012, reports surfaced of the abduction of Syrian Orthodox priest Fadi Haddad, taken as he left his church […]

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Turkey’s PM Vows to Defend Jerusalem From . . . Israel?!

When a leader of one sovereign nation threatens to protect the Capital city of another sovereign nation from the country in which it resides, it’s generally considered advocating for an act of war. Yet, in this case, the western media and the American people all but yawn, via the Jerusalem Post: Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet […]

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Turkish Youth Hood U.S. Soldiers During Assault in Istanbul

Shocking video has surfaced which shows Turkish youths assaulting U.S. soldiers in Istanbul. As one Turk demands U.S. soldiers get out of Turkey, others hurl objects at the soldier, another sprays what looks like paint, and still others momentarily cover the man’s head with a hood before he takes of running from what is clearly […]

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Obama’s Strategist on ISIS is Dangerous

Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough went off on Barack Obama’s lack of leadership on ISIS. After volunteering that he had spoken with retired admirals and leading diplomats around the world, Scarborough said that Obama’s lack of a strategy in dealing with ISIS is “scaring the hell out of the world”. Though Scarborough did not name […]

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Muslims Are Now Forcing Christians To Take The Mark Of The Beast

By Theodore Shoebat The Islamic Shahada — “There is no god by Allah and Muhammad is his messenger” — is the Mark of the Beast, and now Muslims are forcing Christians to take the Mark of the Beast. As reported yesterday, Boko Haram is now telling Christians to say the Shahada, and once they […]

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Replacement Attorney General Embraced PLO Terrorist

Barack Obama’s nominee to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General once belonged to the Harvard Black Law Students Association (BLSA) that invited and welcomed Palestinian terrorists to speak at its events. During her time there, the BLSA welcomed members of the PLO and Lynch even coordinated some of the events. Four years later, Michelle Obama […]

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A New Kind of War on Israel and the Jews Just Took Place at BDS Conference in San Diego: Something To Be Afraid Of

By Lee Kaplan I attended undercover the west coast national planning conference of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation last September 19-21 in San Diego, California. The US Campaign is, in fact, the International Solidarity Movement, sometimes known as Palsolidarity, having been renamed and repackaged to serve as the main nerve center for […]

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Building An Anti-Israel Society from the Ground Up

By Mosheh Avraham Where do anti-Israel attitudes come from? How do these untruths spread in society? Part of the answer may be found at San Diego State University. As an alumnus of SDSU, my interest was peeked by an e-mail I received the other day from Stand With Us notifying their network that SDSU brought […]

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