Turkish Youth Hood U.S. Soldiers During Assault in Istanbul

Shocking video has surfaced which shows Turkish youths assaulting U.S. soldiers in Istanbul. As one Turk demands U.S. soldiers get out of Turkey, others hurl objects at the soldier, another sprays what looks like paint, and still others momentarily cover the man’s head with a hood before he takes of running from what is clearly a mob:

Bloomberg News has more information on the assault:

A group of Turkish youth in Istanbul today attacked three American soldiers and tried to place hoods over their heads, video footage shows.

Young men carrying the banner of a Turkish nationalist youth group first called the Americans “murderers” and told them to “get out of our land,” then began to throw cans containing red paint at them. At least two of those assaulted by the group were seen running away after the crowd tried to place white sacks over their heads while chanting “Yankee, go home.”

The assault was against sailors on the USS Ross, a warship docked in Istanbul after NATO training exercises in the Black Sea, Hurriyet said. The crowd’s attempt to place hoods over the American soldiers’ heads was a response to an incident more than 11 years ago, when U.S. soldiers in Iraq handcuffed and placed hoods over the heads of Turkish soldiers stationed in the city of Sulaymaniyah.

No matter how much western leaders want to insist that Turkey is an ally of the U.S., it is not. It is an Islamic fundamentalist state that supports ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and the resurrection of the Ottoman Empire the U.S. helped to dismantle.

h/t GWP