Obama’s Strategist on ISIS is Dangerous

Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough went off on Barack Obama’s lack of leadership on ISIS. After volunteering that he had spoken with retired admirals and leading diplomats around the world, Scarborough said that Obama’s lack of a strategy in dealing with ISIS is “scaring the hell out of the world”. Though Scarborough did not name any single Obama advisor, he did reference all of them generally while suggesting that they’re all on the brink of a major failure.

One of those advisors when it comes to the issue of ISIS specifically is Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the father of Scarborough’s co-host, Mika Brzezinski. Just two days prior to Obama’s now infamous speech in which he told the world that “ISIL is not Islamic” while supposedly presenting a strategy for how to deal with the group, Zbigniew was part of a private White House dinner party with the President, Vice President, and other “experts”.

It is interesting to watch Mika throughout this clip. As the group of people Joe was admonishing clearly included her father, Mika said nothing (h/t WFB):

One month ago, Zbigniew Brzezinski appeared on Morning Joe to talk about ISIS (video below). This is a man who has spent his entire career underestimating the Islamic threat. As a result, he has seen greater benefit in helping Muslim countries whenever possible because he believes doing so weakens superpowers like Russia and China. Ironically, one of those consequences has been the continued weakening of the U.S. through stealth infiltration.

In 1979, as Jimmy Carter’ National Security Advisor, it was Zbigniew who advocated arming and backing the Mujahideen against the Soviets; Reagan continued that policy. One can debate if that was right or wrong in the context of history but implementing it today is insanity; the fruits of the Arab Spring and the rise of Turkey more than bear that out. Even after the fall of the Berlin wall, Zbigniew comes across as still subscribing to the same strategy, seemingly wanting to flood the zone with Islamists.

To illustrate, while keeping Scarborough’s outrage about ISIS in mind, consider Turkey’s relationship with ISIS. Currently, the Obama administration’s ISIS calculus is heavily reliant on assistance from Turkey in eliminating the threat. What people like Brzezinski simply cannot bring themselves to admit – at least not publicly – is that Turkey and ISIS are partners, as Shoebat.com has demonstrated.

When asked about Turkey, Zbigniew said they want a greater commitment from the U.S. on ISIS before they do anything. It’s almost as if Zbigniew is refusing to see Turkey’s aspirations because making such an admission would shatter paradigms he’s held for decades.

Take note of something Zbigniew says in this clip:

“…it seems to me the last thing we want at this stage is to make the conflict with ISIS an American conflict against increasingly fanatical Islam. I notice today even in the paper, references to jihadists and so forth. We ought to lay off that kind of language. We’re dealing with criminals who are themselves threatening the world of Islam and therefore our allies are Islamic states.”

Do you think Zbigniew had any influence on Obama saying “ISIL is not Islamic”?