The Case FOR Honor Killing-Phobia

One of the most frustrating things for westerners since 9/11 has been the unwillingness of ‘peaceful’ Muslims to stand against the extremists. That frustration includes a premise that says such Muslims aren’t doing anything. However, what happens when these ‘peaceful’ Muslims actually work against you?

In Canada, ‘peaceful’ Muslims are objecting to the use of government money to investigate honor killings.

Via Abigail Esman at IPT (h/t WZ):

Are they willfully misleading? Or are Canadian Muslims who are fighting federal funding to investigate honor violence in the Muslim (and other) communities simply naïve victims of the same propaganda used routinely to explain away the religio-culturally-based murders of Muslim women?

Every year, according to United Nations reports, 5,000 women worldwide are killed for reasons of “honor” that relate to matters of modesty and obeyance, though most experts maintain the numbers are far higher. And the number of victims of honor violence, which can involve beatings, acid attacks, or locking a woman in her home, is literally incalculable. In the United Kingdom alone, more than 3,000 such honor crimes occurred just in 2010, according to a study by the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organization (IKWRO). The vast majority of those crimes, the organization states, were committed by Muslims, though Sikhs and Hindus have also been known to commit honor-related crimes.

In Canada, the decision to earmark funds to combat honor violence began in 2007, after a series of honor crimes over the previous two years resulted in the deaths of two women and one man. Soon after the program was announced, on Dec. 10, 2007, the father and brother of 16-year-old Toronto native Aqsa Parvez, strangled her to death. The reason: she had refused to wear the hijab, or scarf.

Yet recently, some groups have begun speaking out against the idea of specifying these crimes as “honor killings” and providing targeted programs to address them, even as two subsequent events underscore just how urgently such funds and programs are needed.

This excerpt is particularly revealing…

…according to a recent report from Women’s e-News, many Canadian Muslim women now are speaking out against the government’s new focus on these crimes, arguing that honor violence is no different from any other form of domestic abuse. Opponents of the idea call the projects “racist,” and claim they put an unwarranted and biased focus on Muslim and Hindi families. “When women of color are killed, we ask these larger questions around their culture. We ask what’s wrong with their entire people – their culture, their religion – instead of a particular person,” Itrath Syed, who is pursuing a Ph.D. in “Islamophobia” in Vancouver, for instance, told Women’s e-News.{emphasis ours}

Be sure to read it all.

A Ph.D. in Islamophobia, huh?

The dynamic at work here is very central to the usage of terms like “Islamophobia”, which means exactly the opposite of what it’s supposed to mean. Inherent in the desire of the Canadian Muslim community to prevent investigations into the practice is a desire for the truth to be suppressed. Yet, because the Muslim communities in the west have been here since the 1950’s and 1960’s, they have learned how to adopt their version of the race card. Why? Because it’s effective.

It’s one of the main reasons we wrote The Case FOR Islamophobia.

The Case FOR Islamophobia.

The Case FOR Islamophobia.


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