NBC Reporter who used to Report for Muslim Brotherhood’s Propaganda Network says Islamic Terrorists not Religious

Ayman Mohyeldin now works for NBC as a reporter but used to work for Al-Jazeera. Earlier this year, he ran media interference for Hamas from his post in Gaza as Israelis battled Palestinians. Now he’s telling viewers that Jihadists like the hatchet man who targeted NYPD cops or the one who shot a Canadian soldier outside Parliament have nothing to do with Islam.

In so doing, Mohyeldin was totally incoherent, saying that people should not make this a “religious issue” but instead should focus on the “individual aspects” of the attacks (if you’re asking yourself, “what does that even mean?”, you’re not alone). The fact remains that ISIS has cheered these lone wolf jihadists who shout, “Allahu Akhbar” before carrying out their attacks.

If you listen to Mohyeldin, apparently you’re supposed to ignore all that.

Via DC:

The reality is that people like Mohyeldin should issue a disclaimer. They are not the objective journalists they pretend to be. This past July, Mohyeldin defended Hamas when asked about claims the group was using civilians as human shields. As Shoebat.com reported, instead of reporting the truth, Mohyeldin simply told viewers that Hamas rejected those claims.

Today, he told viewers they should reject claims that lone wolf Muslim jihadists are Muslims.


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