Coptic-phobia! Egypt sentences Canadian man to death for role in anti-Muhammad film even though he had nothing to do with it

You gotta admit, sentencing a Coptic Christian man to death for his role in making the Innocence of Muslims is absurd enough but to do it not because he had anything to do it but because he’s… a Coptic Christian man seems both racist and phobic (based on the standard for Islamophobia, of course). When it comes to Nader Fawzy, however, that appears to be what has happened.

This isn’t even guilty by association; this is guilt by associated religious beliefs.

Yet, Christians and Jews who point such things out are Islamophobic?!

Via Toronto Sun:

Nader Fawzy says he is a dead man walking.

The Cairo-born Toronto resident is one of seven Egyptian Coptic Christians sentenced to death in absentia Wednesday for their alleged part in making an anti-Islam film that sparked uproar across the Muslim world.

The Scarborough father of three first learned in September of the impending charges being drawn up by the Egyptian government. They held him partly responsible for the video lampooning the Prophet Mohammed.

A death sentence on Fawzy was confirmed this week meaning he joins his Egyptian fellow Christians and a controversial Florida-based pastor also sentenced to die.

Fawzy says his only crime is to be an outspoken critic of what he calls the “corrupt, lawless rulers of Egypt.”

“I left the land of my birth in 1986 in fear of my life,” Fawzy said, “and the Egyptian authorities have been pursuing me ever since because of my Christian faith. Now they have issued a fatwa against me.

“I lived in Sweden first. Then I left there to come to Canada in 2002 and took up Canadian citizenship because I think this is a safe and fair country.

“I had nothing to do with that film. I have published a book called ‘The Persecuted’ looking at the fate of Christians in the Middle East and this seems to have upset them.

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