Canadian School Board Allows Muslim Students to Sit Out Remembrance Day for Fallen Soldiers Weeks After Muslim Terrorist Murdered Canadian Soldier

The Canadian equivalent of America’s Memorial Day is Remembrance Day and in a case of politically correct absurdity, Muslim students in that country are not required to participate in ceremonies intended to honor Canada’s fallen soldiers. Providing an additional source of outrage is the fact that it was only weeks ago that a Muslim terrorist gunned down Canadian soldier Nathan Cirillo prior to storming the Parliament building.

You might remember the feigned attempt by a Muslim civil rights group to show sympathy for Cirillo by laying a wreath at the site of his murder while condemning the terrorist act. In reality, it was a slap in the face on par with the slap a Canadian school board is giving itself on Remembrance Day.

Here is a report from Sun News on this latest disgrace (h/t BNI):


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