The Taliban Pledges Allegiance To ISIS, And Has Sent Recruits To Join Them

By Theodore Shoebat

The Taliban has pledged allegiance to ISIS, according to the Indian government. Several terrorists have affirmed that they have pledged allegiance to ISIS, including Pakistani Taliban (Tehreek-e-Kalifefat), which is the same as the mainstream Taliban.

According to the National Investigation Agency, a federal institution of the Indian government, both ISIS and the Taliban recruited 300 Muslim Indians and trained them in Pakistan.

According to one source, the documents acquired by the NIA indicates that they are recruiting young men from Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

The report also shows that these recruits could potentially carry out massive attacks throughout India. Just a few weeks ago, when ISIS was reeking havoc in Iraq and Syria, Indian teenagers from Tamil Nadu were arrested for wearing ISIS t-shirts. As we read in one Indian report:

A 22-year-old youth was on Sunday taken into custody for questioning after a group photo of some youths wearing t-shirts with ISIS emblem appeared on a social networking site. Abul Rahman has been taken into custody in connection with the photo which appeared during Ramazan period, Superintendent of Police P Mayilvahanan said.

Four Indian youths also left India for Iraq, and it is said that they left to join ISIS, but the young men said that they were leaving for pilgrimage to the holy city of Karbala in Iraq.

A 23 year old Indian man named Areeb Majeed is said to have left India to join ISIS, and it is believed that he was killed in action. He called himself Abu Ali Al Hindi, and he left a facebook page in which was a photo of himself with a machine gun, as seen here:


Muslims throughout South-East Asia have joined ISIS. In Malaysia, police have arrested 19 Muslim jihadists who were inspired by ISIS and planned terrorist attacks in Jakarta. And Malaysian officials have even said that 60 Malaysians have already joined the ranks of ISIS, but say that the real number is probably higher.

But some security experts are saying that terrorist groups claiming allegiance to ISIS is some sort of publicity move made by supporters of ISIS. Bill Roggio, editor of the Long War Journal, said,

[Afghanistan and Pakistan are] established Taliban territory, the Taliban are still in Al-Qaeda camp. It would have to be a major defection from Al-Qaeda top tier leadership in order for the Taliban [to join ISIS

But Roggio warned that “the longer the Islamic state holds to its gains in Iraq and Syria, the more of a chance for groups to defect.”

The whole Muslim is world is gradually uniting under one single aspiration: a universal Islamic utopia.



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