Video: English Defence League’s Tommy Robinson enters the Snake Pit, makes the Case FOR Islamophobia

The English Defence League’s Tommy Robinson was in the audience of a popular BBC talk show. During the show, he became the opponent of the four panelists on stage, the host, and virtually the entire audience. The accusation was that Robinson is an Islamophobic racist. An interesting groupthink dynamic is at work in this clip as well. Anyone who actually agreed with Robinson either remained silent or outwardly sided with the majority opinion because group affirmation – even if based on lies – is preferable to being scorned for siding with truth.

Note how Robinson is ganged up on by folks who label him a bully.

At several points during this exchange, Robinson asked people to give him an example of anything he’d said or done that is racist. It’s as if these questions were simply not processed. They were completely ignored as his accusers were more interested in smearing him and being accepted by the group.

Robinson also rightly pointed out that Islam is not a race. Again, that too, was ignored.

While these defenders of Islam decried racism in the U.K., Saudi Arabia is home to no Churches.

Via BNI:


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