British Politician Calls David Cameron a ‘Coward’ and ‘Traitor’ in Public Square

Paul Weston is a British politician who is no stranger to controversy. Last year, he openly admitted that he was a racist and an Islamophobe in order to prove a point. Earlier this year, he was arrested in the public square for quoting Great Britain’s most revered Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

Now Weston has taken to the streets at a public rally and called out Prime Minister David Cameron as a ‘coward’ and a ‘traitor’, to include a few F-bombs for emphasis. The event at which Weston spoke was put on by the English Defence League (EDL) and Weston – who is with the LibertyGB Party – was very warmly received.

One of the things that got Weston fired up during this speech was a video he alluded to that featured Cameron saying there were too many Christians in British Parliament and that it should include more Muslims. As violence, murder and genocide continues to escalate, look for people like Weston to rise.


h/t BNI


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