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ISIS Continues To Threaten Rome, Tells Every Muslim to ‘get out of his house, find a crusader and kill him’

The threat of ISIS to Italy’s shores from Libya is increasingly being felt. A significant problem is that Italy doesn’t seem to be prepared for it. In fact, Italy’s Prime Minister is actually putting forth the idea that the United Nations will be the force that will protect the country. According to one report: Last […]

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Rome, Italy and ALL of Europe Under GRAVE Threat as ISIS Threatens to Ship Hundreds of Thousands of Migrants and Terrorists From Libya

It was just a few months ago that ISIS declared war on the Vatican and threatened to conquer Rome. Now it is threatening to ship hundreds of thousands of migrants, mixed with a substantial amount of ISIS terrorists, into Europe on mass boatlifts. When it comes to European countries that are closest to Libya, Rome’s […]

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Citizens Outraged Over Muslim Immigration

As the cowardly and pliable leaders of the European Union choose the path of least resistance by opening the floodgates for Muslim immigrants, Italian citizens are reaching their breaking point. In the video below, Italians express their outrage over a Muslim invasion being forced upon them by the EU. In particular, the main grievance has […]

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Muslim Imam Angers Italian Government With Islamic Nonsense, The Italians Decide To Throw Him Out Of Their Country

By Theodore Shoebat A imam in Italy named Abd al-Barr al-Rawdhi, made a speech inciting violence against Jews, and the Italian government determined that he was a danger to society and that he will be deported. His remarks can be heard in a film of his speech: The imam said: What is happening in Gaza […]

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Italians Combat Islam, Refuse To Allow Islamic Art Museum

By Theodore Shoebat In the land where Italian Christians once arose to fight Muslims and the advancement of Islam, there still lies a remnant of that Crusader spirit in the city of Venice, where conservative Italian are refusing to allow a Muslim art museum. Prime minister of Italy, Enrico Letta, announced the plan to have […]

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Italians Fight Islam, And Reject Plan To Have Islamic Center In Italy

By Theodore Shoebat Many Italians are furious at the Italian prime minister, Enrico Letta, for his plan to allow an Islamic center to be built in Venice. Massimo Bitonci, a senator in the anti-immigration Northern League party, said Let me send the premier a clear message. We don’t want an Islamic centre in Venice. Letta […]

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Italian MP acknowledges Malik Obama scandal

A Communist member of Italy’s Parliament and rather prolific author – Agostino (Augustine) Spataro – is obviously familiar with the claims against Malik Obama. In a discussion about his latest book, entitled Watcher of the PCI in Gaddafi’s Libya-A trip to Tripoli, Spataro references the charges made against Malik and is scheduled to appear at […]

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Video: Egyptian Cleric Predicts Islam will Conquer Rome

Ok, this one is for the “anti-Christ will arise from Rome / Europe and Catholicism will be at the center of it all” crowd. Is there anyone of any authority in Rome or Italy who is attempting to rattle sabers with Middle Eastern countries? The answer is no. Conversely, is there anyone of any authority […]

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