Italian MP acknowledges Malik Obama scandal

A Communist member of Italy’s Parliament and rather prolific author – Agostino (Augustine) Spataro – is obviously familiar with the claims against Malik Obama. In a discussion about his latest book, entitled Watcher of the PCI in Gaddafi’s Libya-A trip to Tripoli, Spataro references the charges made against Malik and is scheduled to appear at a conference on November 21st.

Sapataro: Italian Communist MP acknowledges Malik Obama scandal.

Sapataro: Italian Communist MP acknowledges Malik Obama scandal.

Spataro is scheduled to appear at the annual “Mediterranean, yesterday and today” Forum on November 21st. This year’s theme according to La Valle Dei Templi has to do with the “SPRINGS betrayed”, which is a discussion about how the ‘Arab Spring’ countries haven’t fared so well.

In reporting on the event and Spataro’s appearance there, the publication excerpted portions of the former’s book. Keep in mind that Spataro is a communist as you read. The important thing is that he is acknowledging Jebali’s charges and seems to think they will hurt the U.S. President. Here is what Spataro has to say about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as well as Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik, via La Valle Dei Templi:

Mursi yes, Mursi no. Al-Sisi yes, Al-Sis No: Egypt entangled in the chain of Western contradiction

Staying inside the metaphor, it was necessary to know that the warmth of the “spring” follow the scorching heat of summer and autumn and the winter.

Now, however, unwisely, the door has been opened and the “dragon”, with long chains, is free to act. The first to experience the looming danger were the Israeli rulers who fear, with growing unrest, the thickening boundaries of new Islamist regimes that do not tolerate the presence “of the hated Zionist entity.”

Probably, even from these concerns came the “go-ahead” to use the top Egyptian military to depose the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi, leader of the sect of the “Muslim Brotherhood”.

A real coup, carried out with the silent complicity of the NATO powers, against the first democratically elected (government)…

Egypt is today the most striking example of the dangerous impasse that is the result of Western governments’ inability to deal with the complex realities of the Arab / Islamic world. These governments seem to arrogate the “law of contradiction” without paying heed to the serious consequences caused.

If these consequences include the ambiguous personal behavior of certain heads of state, the picture gets really dark and disturbing, the prospect very confusing.

In this regard, affecting the very serious charges launched by Tahani al-Jebali, Egyptian Vice President of the Constitutional Court, according to whom – as reported by “the Press” – Malik Obama, half-brother of the U.S. President, is linked hand-in-glove with the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization of the deposed Mohammed Mursi, initially also supported by the White House.

Indeed, al-Jebali’s claims get worse when her charge states explicitly that, “the brother of the president, Barack Obama, is one of the architects of the major investments of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

(Source: Francesca Canelli in “” of August 27, 2013)

There is no need to draw excess attention to this complaint, but nor should it fall on deaf ears. It is clear that, if confirmed, these charges would cast a shadow over the image and the work of the first African-American president of the United States of America whose election (and re-election) was hailed as a great achievement for the civil and political life of the American people and, in general, as a victory against racist ideologies worldwide – an event almost similar to the election of Nelson Mandela as president of South Africa. {emphasis ours}

The Malik Obama story seems to be finding somewhat of an audience in Italy. Last month, an Italian publication reported on an event that featured Jebali, even interviewing her on the topic.

As for Spataro, it’s easy to see his communist leanings when reading his take but it is not insignificant for an Italian MP to express concerns about the possibility that Jebali’s claims have merit, regardless of his effort to downplay them.

Spataro: Malik Obama scandal "should not fall on deaf ears".

Spataro: Malik Obama scandal “should not fall on deaf ears”.


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