Citizens Outraged Over Muslim Immigration

As the cowardly and pliable leaders of the European Union choose the path of least resistance by opening the floodgates for Muslim immigrants, Italian citizens are reaching their breaking point. In the video below, Italians express their outrage over a Muslim invasion being forced upon them by the EU.

In particular, the main grievance has to do with Muslim refugees from north Africa being picked up and brought to Italy.

Whether it’s the pope praying towards Mecca in a mosque, Prince Charles being urged to read a Qur’an at his coronation, or House Speaker John Boehner introducing an Imam to deliver a prayer from the House floor, western leaders are failing in a major way.

Here is yet another example of the people showing their contempt for such weak leadership. These leaders better wake up or they’re going to have to deal with Islam AND the people they continue to betray.

Libya, which is just to Italy’s south, has become a terrorist state and could be a source of this mass exodus. It was NATO that helped remove Gadhafi from Libya. As a member state of NATO, Italy was part of tthat decision (via Vlad Tepes):


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