Italians Combat Islam, Refuse To Allow Islamic Art Museum

By Theodore Shoebat

In the land where Italian Christians once arose to fight Muslims and the advancement of Islam, there still lies a remnant of that Crusader spirit in the city of Venice, where conservative Italian are refusing to allow a Muslim art museum.

Prime minister of Italy, Enrico Letta, announced the plan to have an Islamic art museum built in Venice, but the Catholic conservatives want nothing of it.

Lorenzo Fontana, who represents the League (a conservative party in Italy) in the European Parliament in Brussels, said:

If they try to do this then we will camp out in front of the site day and night and obstruct the work …We’ll sleep there and eat there, they’ll have to take us away by force, and when they take us away, we’ll simply return. The Veneto [region] wants independence, not Islamic museums.

The president of Veneto, the region in which Venice is located, Luca Zaia, protested against the building of the Islamic art museum:

I’m amazed that with all the problems that Italy has, from sky-high unemployment to businesses closing down because of excessive taxes, and the worst economic crisis since the Second World War, that they could even think of putting money into a new, useless museum. Is this really the priority?

God bless these Italians, I find some hope in their actions, and recognize the surviving ruins of Christian militancy, which at one point in time, flourished in Italy.

We must fight Islam, or else it will take over Christendom, and butcher and enslave the Christians.



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