Scarborough rips… Jay Carney?… on IRS Scandal?

Joe Scarborough long ago crossed over to the dark side of liberalism. His liberal co-host Mika Brzezinski has, no doubt, had a lot of influence on him. That he works for the White House ventriloquist dummy known as MSNBC definitely has something to do with it too. That said, he is capable of having moments of rational indignation. Such was the case this morning during an exchange with White House press secretary Jay Carney.

Carney, who has established a new low for pathological lying, was called out by Scarborough on the former’s reference to ‘phony scandals’. Scarborough then asked Carney if he thought the IRS scandal was “phony”. Carney never answered the question, even after Scarborough pointed out that it was Carney who blamed rogue agents in Cincinnati, a claim that was proven false.

Take note at the freudian slip at about the 2:42 mark when Carney says:

“There is no question that activity that occurred at the White Hou.. at the IRS was inappropriate…”

Oh, he almost said it.

As we have long maintained, if Republican Senators and Congressmen want to really start getting answers on the IRS scandal, they must start with Lois Lerner granting illegal tax-exempt status to someone who works for a country that is a State Department-designated State Sponsor of Terrorism. The president of that country is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity.

Who did Lerner grant that tax-exempt status to?

The Barack H. Obama Foundation, founded and headed by Malik Obama, the president’s half-brother:

Evidence Lerner gave expeditious and illegal treatment to Malik Obama

Scarborough missed the real IRS Scandal


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