Video: Jay Carney says ‘Benghazi happened a long time ago’

There are two big reasons why politicians stonewall. One of those reasons is obvious; there is something they don’t want revealed. The other is that the longer a stonewall is employed, the easier it becomes (so the thinking goes) to say that what’s being hidden is old news and therefore, less relevant.

That leads to White House spokesman Jay Carney who, when asked by Fox News Channel’s Ed Henry if the Obama administration would block Benghazi whistleblowers from coming forward, said something off-script that was irrelevant to the question and insensitive to the families of those who were murdered.

However, it was revealing in that it was obvious Carney is wanting the passage of time to make the Benghazi attacks less relevant. If the attacks on America on 9/11/12 happened ‘a long time ago’, what does that say about the attacks that happened on 9/11/01?

Must be ancient history.

Via Weekly Standard:

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That level of insensitivity is on par with Hillary Clinton saying, ‘What difference… does it make’.


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