Jay Carney LYING about Threat of Taliban Terrorists

When White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was challenged about releasing five hardened Taliban terrorists to Qatar in the exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, he assured Chris Cuomo that there was nothing to worry about. About such concerns, Carney said:

“…the threat potentially posed by the returned detainees was sufficiently mitigated… we do believe and have confidence that the measures put in place and an agreement with the host country (Qatar) allow us to feel confident that the threat is sufficiently mitigated… there’s a travel ban in effect and monitoring in effect…”

This announcement could have significant consequences in Syria. As Shoebat.com has relayed, there is strong evidence that Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been applying significant pressure on the Obama administration to topple Bashar al-Assad in Syria. In addition to Turkey, both Saudi Arabia and Qatar are heavily invested in that agenda as well.

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the American people should feel confident that these terrorists are not going to return to the battlefield.

In fact, as Shoebat.com reported, Saudi Arabia has been caught releasing its hardened criminals into Syria to fight alongside rebels there. A leaked document shows that prisoners who were sentenced to death were instead shipped to Syria as jihadist fighters.


Here is the translation of the above document:

The dignified Saud al-Thanian

Peace be with you and the mercy of Allah.

Regarding the transmission from the King’s Court (No. 112) 19/4/1433, which points to the inmates in the Kingdom’s prisons, who have been sentenced to death by the sword according to the Sharia. We ask that you communicate to these inmates that have been accused of multiple crimes, to include drug smuggling, rape, and murder (105 Yemeni, 21 Palestinian, 212 Saudi, 96 Sudanese, 204 Syrian, 82 Jordanian, 68 Somali, 32 Afghans, 194 Egyptian, 203 Pakistani, 23 Iraqi, and 44 Kuwaiti. It’s been agreed that they be released from Sharia-mandated death sentences. Each prisoner will receive a monthly stipend for their families and loved ones.

These freed prisoners will not be permitted to leave Saudi Arabia. In exchange, they will be rehabilitated and sent to be trained for jihad in Syria.

Please accept our greetings.

Abdul Allah bin Ali Al-Zahran
President of the Committee for the promotion of virtue and the prevention of vice (Saudi Arabia)

cc: General Intelligence

This clearly demonstrates that Saudi Arabia – Qatar’s ally in support for jihad and terror in Syria – is willing to send the likes of the five Taliban terrorists into Syria. Qatar, which borders Saudi Arabia cannot be trusted. These terrorists in particular are very big fish whom Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey would no doubt love to see in Syria. Whether that happens is not the point. The threat that it could far transcends any of Carney’s assurances that the threat has been “sufficiently mitigated”.

There are two other points of note in the video excerpt from Carney’s interview.

If Carney was arguing that Bowe Bergdahl was “not a hostage” because Bergdahl voluntarily joined the Taliban, it would be a logical argument. However, Carney didn’t do that; he said that Bergdahl “was not a hostage, he was a prisoner”. That’s clearly an attempt to deceive by making a distinction without a difference as the word “hostage” is the first synonym listed under the word “prisoner”.

This deal was also about pushing back against one of the main criticisms of the administration over the Benghazi scandal, which was that men were left there to die. Carney used the swap for Bergdahl to make the claim that the administration doesn’t leave its men behind.


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