April 2012 Flashback: Jay Carney says Egypt will be Judged by ‘how they act’

Last year, the Obama administration openly welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House. When asked about the visit during the daily White House press briefing, White House press secretary Jay Carney had some interesting comments in defense of welcoming the delegation.

Via CNS News:

“It’s a fact that Egypt’s political landscape has changed, the actors have become more diverse, and our engagement reflects that,” he said. “The point is that we will judge Egypt’s political actors by how they act, not by their religious affiliation.”

In light of the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood government there has failed miserably in just one year, perhaps it’s time to start judging a bit more judiciously, Mr. Carney. As was the case last year, the “political landscape has changed” again.

One of the members of the delegation that visited the White House on April 3, 2012, was Sondos Asem (actually Sondos Chalabi), daughter of Manal Abu Hassan, one of 63 leaders in the Muslim Sisterhood. Hassan along with Najla Ali Mahmoud (wife of Mohammed Mursi) and Saleha Abedin (mother of Hillary Clinton’s longtime aid Huma Abedin, are all Sisterhood leaders.

Sondus Chalabi in the Middle East, Sondos Asem in the U.S.

Sondus Chalabi in the Middle East, Sondos Asem in the U.S.

As we reported, back in 2009, Sondos openly expressed her desire that Obama would “open the door for (our) hope to advance political Islam.”

In retrospect, her wish for Middle East style hope and change was granted.

How’s that workin’ out for ya now, Sondos?


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