Breaking: Is U.S. Government Harassing Walid Shoebat?

Today, Walid appeared on the Kuhner Report with Jeffrey Kuhner with some breaking news. Before getting to that, Kuhner asked Walid to talk about why he believes the Syrian rebels are responsible for the Chemical weapons attacks. The subject eventually moved to Obama’s family in general, and Malik Obama in particular. Regular readers to our site are quite familiar with what we’ve uncovered; it is irrefutable.

**UPDATE**The Gateway Pundit has picked up this story.

Jeffrey Kuhner

Jeffrey Kuhner

That leads to the explosive part of the interview. A couple of weeks ago, we were contacted by a representative with The Blaze. We were told that a representative of the Obama administration was attempting to dismiss Walid’s translation of Tahani Al-Jebali, a former Egyptian Constitutional Court judge, who asserted that Barack Obama’s brother is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The representative from The Blaze informed us of this and kindly gave us the opportunity to respond. We did so by sending a link to a CNN International report that backed up Walid’s claims. Again, regular readers to our site will understand the sweet irony of this one.

In any event, be sure to listen to this interview as Walid goes into detail about why he believes he’s being harassed, likely by the U.S. Government and why he believes our work on Malik Obama may very well be the reason.

Is it a good thing to be afflicted with Islamophobia? Get the new book from Walid Shoebat, The Case FOR ISLAMOPHOBIA: Jihad by the Word; America’s Final Warning.



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  • JMuir1956

    Prayers Christian Warrior!!!

  • Pat

    Walid, perhaps your life is in “double-danger” because the “head” of our government is either a sympathizer to the Muslim Brotherhood or he is a secret member. People call Obama naive but I see him as a master of craftiness because I believe his plan from years before is to deceive the American people and to weaken this nation to the point of destruction.
    May God continue to protect you and your family/friends so that the truth is put out there for all of us to listen to or to read.

    • tikvah

      But it’s not a “secret”…
      G-d Bless Walid,Ted & Keith

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  • Charles Nick

    Boston’s lucky to have Kuhner. He has the foresight to have Walid on. The prince of the power of the air….Ephesians 2:2 The devil ‘s American unit. Made up of a bunch of little sodomite, Mohammaden Obama-bots. Harassing heretics ruining everything. Peaceful people just can’t live in peace because of the lustful ,greedy ,envious ,bullies, always having to bother and harass them. Well these little airway demons will have to stand before Jesus Christ someday along with those responsible for telling little school kids that their poem about Jesus is not allowed in school.(sorry, another story that’s got me ticked) You girls running…ruining everything good are a bunch bullies. You talk of bullying etc. Look in the mirror. You shameful meddling demons. Walid is a good person trying to help good people. Try it sometime govt. Like for instance, help out the Christians fleeing their ancient homeland in the Mid- East instead of worrying about Moslems all the time . Start being concerned about Christians for a change. Idiots! – Piss out Charles

  • micahman5000

    Mr. Shoebat,

    Let them come after me also. May the GOD of Abraham Isaac and Jacob bless you in all you do. Keep up the fight.

  • H2o2Bill

    I’m almost alarmed by this news but I believe that Walid has been sent by God to this country to wake up the sleeping Christians. If people will listen to his preaching one can see his message is from God right out of the pages of the Bible. I will stand with you Walid and you are in my prayers, not only in my prayers, I’m not afraid to say Islam is antichrist and President Obama is a Muslim. Maybe a Muslim sympathizer? What is the difference? I have been going to different Churches passing out material for people to listen to. I will continue to do so but if I can not find a Church with like minded believers I will have to begin having services here in my home. My message is we hit the streets telling the truth about Islam and spreading the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. Time is running out judgment is coming. I will not shut up either I won’t back down.

    I can’t believe more people are not posting here.

    We have to many people that study prophesy like a hobby and say we can see it unfolding before our eyes. After hearing Walid preach the prophesy I see unfolding before my eyes is driving me to my knees.

    Praise God for the things He has done and going to do.

    I have much more to say,

    Bill Jr

    Isaiah 34:1 Come near, ye nations, to hear; and hearken, ye people: let the earth hear, and all that is therein; the world, and all things that come forth of it.

  • tiacarolann

    gee.. why is ‘the blaze’ aka glen beck suddenly a conduit for the o’hammed regime ?
    I really want to know…

  • Anniephie

    Wow, Walid! You must be getting pretty close to some sensitive truths. Praying Psalm 91 for you and your family. God bless you.

  • goldhands136

    Our prayers are with you and your family Walid. Your courage is an inspiration to us.

  • charlesmartel

    It’s simple. Obama, President M&M, is a Muslim and a Marxist. However, that’s not the main problem. The mainstream media and Obama’s handlers (George Soros for one) and willing Leftists want the country to move towards socialism even if it means they’re getting in bed with Islamists. Read David Horowitz’s book, “Unholy Alliance”.

  • Proudvet56

    Well well well! Now we see what this president is all about. Nothing but a muslim loving two bit criminal. Reap what you sow America the stupid. Two terms!!!!! Really!!!!! To my brother,and sister Christians(especially in the USA) Toughen up,stop crying,and prepare for war!!!! Jesus did not leave us instructions to be doormats!!!!! Do you really think that all soldiers,police,or anyone who had to fight,or even kill in defense of what is right is in hell now!!!!! But know; what do we have? Protestants,and Catholics still at odds with each other,gay pastors,lesbian preachers,and conservative pastors telling me I am going to hell for smoking a cigar,and drinking a couple of beers watching a football game! Are you serious?!!!!! Listen to Walid!!!! We have brothers,and sisters being slaughtered in his former home! Wake up,and stop the holier than thou,or gay is ok,or any of the church playing crap that is hamstringing the the American Christian’s. Cause once they are done in the middle east,and Europe we are next! I’m a vet,so I will fight them tooth,and nail! But yes we must all pray for them because they are being brainwashed. Focus on what is right brothers,and sisters. Time is running out. God bless,and protect Walid,and his family,and staff.Amen.

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  • rich

    Watch your back Walid!
    I ditto all of the above posts. Sleeping Americans have wandered right into a nightmare and some are still asleep.

  • dahcargo

    As we all should know, God is already watching Walid’s back, but we co-laborers in Christ should also defend and protect our brothers and sisters in Christ. The best thing for we Christians to do is become even more adamant, vociferous, unyielding and without equivocation when it comes to proclaiming the truth. I speak truth in love to everyone I encounter, pointing them to the Word and all those who defend it. I have sent others to Walid’s website and encouraged them to be diligent in reading and listening to what is offered through I have received many positive responses from these folks. The best defense is a TENACIOUS offense.

    I have personally been harassed by demons after long encounters with self-proclaimed witches. It was not fun at the time, but God is always victorious. Remember, all who live a Godly life will suffer persecution and in this world we will have troubles. The world hated Christ, and it will hate you if you are a true representative of His. The problem is that most folks are too busy with the things, the desires and cares of this world to notice the blatant inequities foisted on Christians. The word says that those cares, desires and things of “this world” are like thorns; they reach up and “choke” out the Word of God!

    Bless you Walid and remember, “If God is for you, who can be against you?” Greater is He that is within you, than he that is in this world.


  • straitconservative

    God HAS BLESSED You, Dearest Walid and I Thank You…Post on EVERY social site!

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  • Novocombo

    I’m chiming in bcz H2OBill wants more posting. 🙂

    I pass Walid’s info on to everyone I know, and share the page on the internet.

    Then, when the late comer news blogs finally pick up the stories, I remind ppl that Walid had it first.

    Be of good courage, Walid! Our prayers and support are with you.

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  • sumsrent

    Folks… if you haven’t taken the time to listen to this interview… you need to do it…
    Our own Constitution is being used against us Infidel Christians! The fake “War On Terror” is being used to restrict and track us Infidel Christians! Our own educational system is being used to brainwash our children into Islam!
    We are being attacked from every angle!
    Our neighborhoods are being bought up by satanic worshipping muslims! Our government is being infiltrated by satanic worshipping muslims who serve Islamic interests! Huge mosques are being built up across this nation… not for the current numbers… but in preparation for forced Islamic growth!
    Banking, media, business, education, government… all converting to Islamic Sharia Law.
    We are in a catch 22 situation… aiding and funding the exact satanic worshipping people who are bent on forcing us into Islamic slavery or else… face execution!
    You want to protect our Constitution… then you are helping Islam…
    You want to do away with our Constitution… then you are helping Islam…
    It’s all a “No-Win” situation…
    Ask yourselves… why is protecting the fake Christian, Barack Hussein Obama, so important?
    Understand this… muslims are liars! Tricksters! Deceivers! And so is Barack Hussein!
    Satanic worshipping muslims are commanded to deceive in order to advance their satanic religious totalitarian government of Islam! And then kill you if you refuse to submit!

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