Egyptian Complainant: Congress must address Malik Obama

Dr. Sadek Ebeid, a U.S. Physician from Egypt filed a complaint against Malik Obama with the Attorney General of Egypt last year. Since that complaint was filed, the case has been escalated. While guest-hosting on the Lynn Woolley show, Ben Barrack interviewed Ebeid, who made some shocking claims and called on several Republican congressmen by name, to either take up this matter or risk becoming enablers.

When it comes to the closeness of the relationship between Barack and his half-brother Malik, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the President cannot be trusted with divulging it honestly. Two specific cases underscore this. Most recently, another one of Barack’s half-brothers – Mark Obama Ndesanjo – insisted that he and Barack have met several times, a claim inconsistent with what Barack says.

Via National Review:

Mark Obama Ndesandjo said he was surprised to hear his half-brother President Barack Obama say they had only recently met for the first time.

“I was floored by it — I don’t know why he said it,” Ndesandjo said to Laura Ingraham, adding that he had met the president several times over the years and still isn’t sure what his motivation was for making the claim. “I think he was being president and was not being my brother,” Ndesandjo said.

The Blaze has more from Ndesanjo’s account here.

The other example comes courtesy of Barack Obama’s uncle Onyango (Omar) Obama. Back in 2011, after Omar had been arrested for drunk driving, administration officials claimed that Barack and his uncle had never met. This was debunked by the testimony of Omar at his own immigration hearing, at which he stated that his nephew stayed with him for a period of weeks when the president was attending Harvard. White House spokesman Jay Carney had to concede that Omar was correct an the administration was incorrect.

Any attempts of the administration to diminish the president’s relationship with Malik is sure to be called into serious question by the two aforementioned examples. Moreover, there is demonstrable evidence to suggest that these two brothers are much closer than Barack ever was with his uncle or Ndesanjo.

Consider a GQ piece from July of this year that featured an interview with Malik:

During a phase of their lives, Malik and Barack Obama were close. Over a span of fourteen years, on and off, Malik worked Stateside, mostly as an accountant, for Lockheed, Fannie Mae, and the American Red Cross. Being in the U.S. allowed Malik to spend some real time with his brother—even if history, geography, and who-knows-what-other would eventually fray that bond. In the day, Malik says, the two were even best men at each other’s weddings.

Ask Malik how often he and his brother talk nowadays and he boasts that it’s about once a year, as though that’s proof of their intimate bond. “Of course we’re close!” Malik says, just a bit too loudly. “I’m the one who brought him here to Kogelo in 1988! I thought it was important for him to come home and see from whence his family came—you know, his roots.”

Of course, this all gets back to how much Barack knows about his brother’s activities in Kenya, Sudan, and quite possibly Egypt that seem to implicate Malik as being involved with the Muslim Brotherhood.

In the interview above, you will hear Ebeid say that if congressmen who are made aware of this case don’t act, they will be enablers. One of the congressmen Ebeid mentions is Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), who not only admitted to knowing about the case involving Malik Obama and former IRS Tax Exemptions Director Lois Lerner, but he said the charges were “spot on”. Kelly said those things on August 29, 2013.

The clock is ticking, Mr. Kelly, and Egypt seems to be turning up the heat on the case.

Ebeid: Congress must address Malik Obama issue.

Ebeid: Congress must address Malik Obama issue.



  • vaquero70

    What tangled little lies Barry waives!

  • Gayle

    Obama is the greatest liar of all history – bar none.

  • yahshua love’s you

    Egypt must take action and start showing documents and start a case because this is evil men the Obama’s are like the mafia

  • Islam is Evil. What part of Evil do people not understand? Islam enslaves their minds, their bodies and their souls. It must be destroyed.

  • Goober

    I’m interested in hearing more about Mark Ndesandjo. Jim Garrow formerly worked for the government in intelligence until October when the administration had him removed for information he was releasing through interviews. He states that while he was on duty in China around 2002 he was given an assignment to shadow Mark Ndesandjo, who was partnering with those in authority in the People’s Liberation Army to create a web based company in Shenzhen. Garrow says Ndesandjo is one that should be looked into.

  • richinnameonly

    Is this information ever going to be exposed in front of congress and in the lame stream media? The lack of exposure of the truth in the U.S. right now is at a scarily low level. The traditional values are being thrown under the bus and the expanding federal government is molding society into what it wants us to be – powerless and dependent. Just read an article by a holocaust survivor saying she now sees many things happening here in the U.S. that happened just prior to Nazi Germany.

  • Rexlion

    I think this whole issue needs to be made clear, in a way that people can readily understand. So I’ve taken the liberty to put together the following. Feel free to share it around if you like it, no attribution necessary.

    The nation of Sudan is led by Omar Al-Bashir, an extremist Muslim and
    dictator who hides behind the title of “President”. How extreme is he, you
    ask? Bashir has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for 7 counts
    of crimes against humanity. Bashir’s government is considered a terrorist state
    by the U.S. State Department, and has been so known since 1993.

    Some years ago, Bashir’s government created the Islamic Da’wa Organization
    (IDO) to further its agenda. One of IDO’s objectives is to spread Wahabbist
    Islam (the most dangerous kind) across the continent of Africa.

    In 2010, the IDO held a conference in Khartoum, Sudan. Bashir supervised
    the conference. The IDO’s executive secretary was there, of course, along with
    many other extremists. Photos were taken, so there can be no doubt.

    Interestingly, this IDO official, believed by some to be Bashir’s
    right-hand man, received preferential treatment with our government when a
    foundation he established received 30-day rush treatment with the IRS to
    establish tax-exempt status. Believe it or not, that tax-exempt status was even
    back-dated for three years prior to the application date!

    How could that happen, you say? And why do I mention this executive
    secretary of the IDO? Well, you see, this person happens to be well
    acquainted with President Barack Obama. Very well, indeed.

    What member of an Islamic terrorist organization could garner such speedy
    service, courtesy of Barack Obama? And why would our nation’s President do such
    a thing? The answer lies in the identity of this executive secretary of the
    Islamic Da’wa Organization.

    Here are some clues.

    1. He was best man at Barack’s wedding, and vice versa.

    2. The foundation he created is the Barack H. Obama Foundation.

    The IDO official is none other than Malik Obama, Barack’s elder

    (And now you know the rest of the story.)