Obama Presiding over the Destruction of the U.S. while Facilitating the Rise of Turkey and Russia

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What are the true priorities of the Barack Obama?

The Barack Obama administration is behaving as if its first priority is the downfall of the United States and that two of its other priorities are facilitating the rise of both Turkey and Russia. As a member country in NATO, Turkey seems to be seeing its interests being served more than any other NATO nation. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin’s Russia is emboldened by an American president who has displayed no interest in stopping him.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer continues to opine that Obama is weak and incompetent while simultaneously ignoring the fact that a pro-Soviet Stalinst mentored a young Barack for approximately a decade. As a pupil of Davis, Obama was taught to despise the U.S. while having an affinity for mother Russia. Prior to being introduced to Davis, Obama grew up in a Muslim country and learned the Muslim call to prayer. In 2007, he told the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof that it was “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth”. Kristof relayed that Obama could recite the “opening lines” with a “first-rate accent”.

Conversely, Putin likely doesn’t think much of that quality in Obama either.

Video uncovered by Shoebat.com reveals that Obama’s uncle Sayyid has asserted that the entire Obama family is Muslim. Presumably, this would include Barack. Regular readers also know that Barack’s brother Malik Obama works for Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir and has referred to the relationship between he and Barack as “close”.

Russia or Turkey: Which would Obama choose?

Russia or Turkey: Which would Obama choose?

The question is: If faced with the decision to side with Russia or Turkey, who would Obama choose?

Listen and find out.


  • yahshua love’s you

    Obama is a destructive man no wonder why he’s a muslim because everywhere where Muslims are There’s death and destruction

  • Norm MacInnis

    I think Putin is the only leader on earth who is taking the threat of Islam seriously. We, in the west don’t know about the Russian courts and the Quran as well as the ban on building new mosques in Moscow. Maybe He is also prepping for the “Stan clan” to the south (Uzbekistan etc.)There is like a flip happening where the West is going Socialist and Russia is returning to their Orthodoxy

  • Google “the jihadi threat report on islamist states and individuals in the context of current affairs”
    It’s all explained there, in one paper.

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