The Party of anti-Christ Won (as we predicted)

By Walid Shoebat (Sunday, March 30th, 2014, 10:00 PM Eastern Time)

Erdogan and the AKP and as we predicted, have weathered the crisis and consolidated their control of the local authorities. He has again demonstrated his ability to distract attention from potentially damaging revelations by shifting the focus of public debate.

All the media articles and analyst reports that focused and pointed that the Erdogan’s AKP Party was in serious trouble are now in the garbage bin of media history. Only the fool pays too much attention to what is said by the media.

I actually wrote this article before the results where tallied in Turkey and I am posting it now.

The AKP held on to more than half of the 81 provinces. This will be Erdogan’s popular seal of approval for his authoritarian policies in the anti-Christ nation of Turkey.

Last week we predicted it and wrote in advance:

 We predict that the AKP will defeat the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) and the MHP (Nationalist Movement Party) in this coming election. Turkey will never be the same again. Erdogan has changed set times and laws. The new Sultan-Hitler, Tayyip Bey is on the horizon and all the western media saying he is losing momentum will wake up on March 31 and it will be Sultan Erdogan, the winner.

Erdogan said he delivered an “Ottoman slap” to opponents at the polls. He compared his opponents to medieval assassins, and he vowed to pursue them.

CNN commented:

Some have called it “neo-Ottomanism” — an attempt to restore the former Ottoman Empire and its vanished regional glory. Whatever the label, Turkey managed to become a key foreign policy player in the eyes of American and European leaders.

CNN acts like an ostritch, in which the “Ottoman” label means little.

Turkey had the largest gathering in its history in support of Erdogan, all carrying their flags of fiery red, sulfur yellow and hyacinth blue:




The song they sing for him is the Dombra:

His word is straight. He has no hypocrisy. He is a nightmare. In the dreams of evil doers. He walks the path of what he believes. He is the awaited leader. Rajab (Recep) Tayyib Erdogan. He walks the path of what he believes. He is the awaited leader. Rajab (Recep) Tayyib Erdogan

The victory will provide momentum for the AKP in the coming presidential election in August, in which Erdogan may decide to run. The AKP won 39 percent of the vote in the previous municipal elections in 2009, and 50 percent in the 2011 parliamentary contest.

The AKP took the lead across the nation, with the exception of Kurdish and secular strongholds in the southeast and the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, respectively.

When the Arab Spring came, everyone was talking about the Twitter and Facebook Revolution that was supposedly bringing democracy in Egypt. Twitter made no difference and the Islamists won while democracy went out the window. In Egypt, it took much struggle to throw out the Muslim Brotherhood.

But now with an Islamist pro-Muslim Brotherhood AKP party in Turkey, the Islamists will eventually come back and camp in Egypt’s Tahrir Square. Just give it a few more years.

Last week, they all talked about Twitter again. But the little bird got eaten up again, this time by Sultan Erdogan of Turkey. The West cried foul and Erdogan despite all the complaints still won.

How many Americans but so few who even realize that the elections in Turkey will pave the way for the darkest future Christianity has ever seen? But they will not realize this since the West is busier with Twitter than with doing the Lord’s business.

The Western World does not realize it yet, but the coming conflict is not over democracy, twitter or economy. It will be a war about one simple issue, that to our spiritual enemies, the Muslims, God is not begotten, but to us, the Christians, the Mystery of God is that He begets and was begotten.

But there is also a cold war within the Islamic world. On the one side there is Wahhabism. Its victory is the victory of the Arab world, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. Then we have the Muslim Brotherhood, which is more allied with the Turkish Ottoman roots. Turkey is Muslim Sufist and Sufism is simply the more deceptive of the two brands. The Muslim Brotherhood is at odds with Wahhabist Saudi Arabia. But with Turkish Sufi brand of Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood will get a jolt and Turkey will enter Egypt, Libya and Sudan in the coming years just as Daniel the prophet predicted. With a war on Wahhabism, this next brand of Islam will be the most deceptive of its kind. How often do you ever hear anyone in the West say anything negative about Sufism? Wahhabism will be out and peaceful Islam will be in. That is, its most deceptive brand.

In Islam, there is what is called Bai’at (allegiance). Whomever will lead this new movement, and in order to win the hearts of the Muslim world, must present himself as Caliph and a Caliph by Islamic law must be given allegiance (Bai’at) by all Muslims. This Bai’at (allegiance) will be for seven years in which all Muslims must have the mark of their faith on their forehead or on their right arm. Like you see here in Turkey:

Marks of Allegiance to Islam in Turkey

Marks of Allegiance to Islam in Turkey

All this you will see (you are actually seeing the beginning), but just give it a few more years. And do not forget what I said here. But if you do, do not worry, I will be reminding you later, that is if I am not martyred yet, telling you “I told you so”.

I pray that God be with you all in these dark coming years. I pray that we are refined as gold is refined.

With blessings,


Walid Shoebat