Muslim Fatwa Declares That: “Muslims Who Rejoice When the U.S. Bombs ISIS Is PROHIBITED”

Dr. Yasser Burhami vice president of the Muslim Salafist Sahwa movement gave a fatwa that a Muslim should “always hate the shedding of the blood of other Muslims without justifiable cause”.


Such behavior, he said, is a “violation” explaining that “a Muslim who declares the Islamic statement of faith, the Shahadatan (to say that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger) and if it was not proven that such a Muslim recanted his faith, that killing him is prohibited even if he is a lost heretic”.

When Burhami was specifically asked if it is permissible to have joy when the U.S. bombs ISIS terrorists, he responded with “It is not permissible for a Muslim to wish or rejoice when an [American] infidel sheds the blood of another Muslim but that they should hope that the [ISIS] heretics repent from their heresies and refrain from shedding the Muslim blood of Shiites.


He pointed out that we must be careful when it comes to the “Iraqi issue” which is “a scheme and a plot by the U.S. to strike the Sunnis in favor of the Shiites under the name of War on Terror and fighting ISIS”; especially that this, in the end, is “a scheme to partition Iraq and is a scheme which benefits the Jews and all enemies.”

A few months ago, the same cleric issued a Fatwa allowing Muslim wives to Get Raped “in Case of Grave Danger to Husband’s Life”.


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  • And yet on MEMRI, MPs and even some clerics in Kuwait are attacking both ISIS and even Hamas for the evil they commit on their own people, let alone the Christians.

  • yahshua love’s you

    These people are destructive they do not belong in our society I mean it they are damn lunatics we should send them all back to their country’s let them bomb their self’s

  • I couldn’t possibly agree with you more. The term ‘Byzantine’ seems utterly feeble in describing the intrigues of Middle Eastern politics.