Muslim Mob Takes Christian Man And His Wife, Who Is Seven Months Pregnant, And As They Beg For Mercy, The Muslims Set The Couple On Fire And Cook Them Alive Until They Are Dead


A Christian couple in Pakistan were burnt alive by a Muslim mob and their kiln owner. They were slaves in a brick kiln, and were murdered by their slaver owner. The wife was seven months pregnant, and even when they were begging for mercy, the Muslims lit them on fire and burnt them to death. The police could not even distinguish their bodies because they were reduced to ashes. Our Pakistani contact gave us the full details on the story:

A Christian couple was burnt alive by the Kiln owner and enraged Mob on 4th Nov, 2014 . Shahzed Masih and His wife Shama Bibi were the resident of Chack-No-59 near Kot Rada kishan.

Shahzed took the loan from the Kiln owner and started working with his family in the Kiln of Muhammad Yousaf Gujjar. However on 3rd Nov, 2014 at night the announcement was made from different mosques in district that Shahzed Masih and Shama Bibi have torn the pages of the Quran and they have committed blasphemy against the Koran.

Whereas few days back the father of Shahzed Masih passed away and the couple discussed to burn all the belongings of a late father. But the Kiln manager and owner accused them of burning the pages of Koran.

Since the morning of November 4th the enraged villagers gathered at the kiln where Muhammad Yousaf Gujjar handed over the couple to the furious crowd. Though Shama and Shahzed beg for their lives, the mob set them on fire in the Kiln, alive.

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Shama bibi was pregnant with a 7 month old child. However according to the Sources when Both shouting for mercy the furious crowd was chanting “Allahu Akbar!”

According to the police they were unable to recover the bodies of the persecuted couple except their ashes. There are more than 20,000 Christian families in Kiln business, and most of them are bounded slaves.

Our team is on the ground constantly trying to rescue these slaves from Islamic slavery and tyranny. We have rescued thousands of slaves from this type of torment and torture. Please help us save more.


  • richinnameonly

    Every time you think they hit a new low, they go down even further. The average Joe in the West needs to see this stuff in order to wake up.

  • RodK1975

    “St. John 1:27 He it is, who coming after me is preferred before me, whose shoe’s latchet I am not worthy to unloose.”

    Every time I read about those martyred for Christ I can’t help but think of this verse. I don’t feel worthy to unloose their shoe latchet.

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  • PS Fs Bhatti

    Today, A Christian nation of Pakistan and all over world is in a great grief after hearing the news about Christian’s alive burning “the story of Shama bibi and shahzad Masih’s” a laborer of Brick kiln by the extremists in the “Rada Kishn village”, district Kasur, Pakistan. All of them are sharing their grief on the face books and emails. Even logical and investigating Muslims are also sad on the “Alive burning Human”, a poor citizen of Pakistan.

  • shoebat

    In other words, we agree that Muslims burns people, but stop critiquing Islam.

    Do you guys EVER have different message besides asking us to be silenced?

  • RodK1975

    Right. I think maybe I didn’t make my point clear. My point is that these people have done the greatest thing a person can do, die for their faith in Christ. That is a strength I can’t begin to describe. They are dead, yet more worthy of life than I, because I’ve not had to suffer for Christ as they have. I can only pray that when my day comes, I can stand in strength, fight and proclaim the Name of Christ to my last breath as faithfully as these martyrs for Jesus have done.

  • shoebat

    Why not continue the verses which speaks of crucifying and cutting hands and feet from opposite ends?

    As for “stop killing people”, what are you doing about it? You are in Pakistan.

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  • shoebat

    If all religions are equal, how is it that you are free to post your stupidities? When Russia banned religion and had you been living there, perhaps your comment will be alright, but your freedom would have been limited. Had you been Muslim living is Saudi Arabia, you would be crapping in your pants before you could even express such nonsense.

  • shoebat

    And what did unreligious people do? Most massacres were caused by atheists like you.

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  • Faiz

    It’s so sad to see things like this happen, in a Muslim country.
    I blame the people, their leaders, the lack of education and the need of a proper justice system.

    Because of the high percentage of illiterate in Pakistan and in many other countries, with no proper school systems, they tend to follow their tribe / village leader or the person in charge of the area, honestly, the ones gives the responsibility to keep peace and order are biased and will only care about their fame, rather than the truth and justice.

    Myself being a Muslim, I would never want this to happen to anyone, despite their race, religion, culture etc.- Everyone deserves a fair trial, if needed so.

    Had it been a rich person who did this, they would’ve gotten away by paying a bit off money here and there, sadly, the poor and those without influence gets pushed down, further and further, day by day.

    I have had good memories with fellow Sikhs’, Hindus and Christians in my 18 months in Pakistan- Went to a Christian wedding once, they weren’t really rich, but still managed some tasty food, a nice cake and it was full of joy and pleasure, met Sikhs’ at their temples and had a chit chat with a Hindu from India on a business trip.

    So, to sum it up- Not every Muslim is a person who wants to just slice your throat, we ( the majority ) are being judged by mistakes and wrong-doings by a minority.

    And I will have to admit that most Western and Non-Muslim countries have already and is adapting to the ways of Muslim, 1400 years back, where the poor, sick, handicapped and those with little are being looked after, ensuring they have a good life, opposed to Muslim countries, where they are being racked, looked down upon and kept as slaves, we did go wrong somewhere. Maybe if all the Muslim leaders kept their hands off each others throats, we could get together and change our image in the world- When will that day come? * Sulk *

    Have a nice weekend:)