Muslims Take Young Pregnant Christian Woman, Strip Her Completely Naked, And Forcefully Abort Her Child

By Theodore Shoebat

A 28 year old Christian woman in Pakistan, named Elishba Bibi was attacked by two Muslim brothers, named Muneeb and Mobeel Gondal, who stripped her completely naked, spit on her, and beat her with metal pipes so brutally that they ended up murdering her child.

Elishba Bibi, Christian woman whose child was murdered

Elishba Bibi, Christian woman whose child was murdered

The woman was three months pregnant, and according to one report:

They beat her with Iron rods and sticks leaving welts across her body, whilst they spat at her in disgust. The assailants were not satisfied with her public humiliation and stole 1,000 rupees (£10) from her, Elishba’s entire weeks wages, a gold necklace she was wearing and her mobile phone. … The attack was so brutal that poor Elisha Bibi has now miscarried and has been weeping constantly for the child she has lost

According to Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra, a Pakistani activist, the brothers, Muneeb and Mobeel Gondal, were always trying to persuade Elishba Bibi to convert to Islam, but when they didn’t get their way, they assaulted her and murdered her unborn child.

This is the type of case that we at Rescue Christians deal with. Christian girls who are abused, just as Tania Rebecca who was brutally raped by multiple Muslim men in Pakistan, and whose flesh was cut and burned by the perpetrators. Another case that we just did was that of Saba Bibi, a slave who was raped by multiple men for several hours every day, for a matter of weeks. This is her talking about the tortures she endured and how she was rescued by our organization, Rescue Christians:

Please help us save more of these girls from this horrific violence.


  • RodK1975

    This is just diabolical and there’s no other explanation for it. I’m all for due process and habeas corpus and non compos mentis and all that jazz, but people like these bastards should be dropped immediately on site.

  • Fhr68

    as one great christian soldier once said. ” It is Gods job to judge them, it is our job to set the appointment, a bullet between the eyes balls should do the trick.”

  • RodK1975

    Yeah, reminds me of “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold”

  • shoebat

    You must wait Softy Bob until all the martyrs are counted in the Book of Life.

    • Softly Bob

      Good point. As the Bible says – it is God’s desire that as many people as possible are saved. He is waiting to gather the rest of his flock. There are Atheists, Muslims, Buddhists and so on, who still have a chance to find Jesus. God needs to separate the wheat from the chaff first.

  • RodK1975

    Right, I just mean it can have that affect on you if you don’t guard against it. It creeps up on you. Plus, it can make you hate the enemy. We still should love our enemy, even if we have to kill them in a war.