Muslim and Huma Abedin Defender Who Obama Welcomed Into White House this Week Shows True Colors by MOCKING Concerns about Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration

On Wednesday of this week, it was reported that President Obama met with ‘American Muslim leaders’ at the White House. The report captured more attention because the names of those Muslim leaders were not officially made public until they were listed at the end of the transcript of Thursday’s White House press briefing.

Muslim comedian and Huma Abedin defender Dean Obeidallah was one of those leaders. He wrote a rather snarky article about the visit for the Daily Beast.

Obeidallah: One of American Muslim Leaders who met with Obama.

Obeidallah: One of American Muslim Leaders who met with Obama.

Here is the full list:

Diego Arancibia, board member and associate director of the Ta’leef Collective; Azhar Azeez, president of the Islamic Society of North America; Maya Berry, executive director of the Arab American Institute; Hoda Elshishtawy, Muslim Public Affairs Council; Rahat Husain, Universal Muslim Association of America; Farhana Khera, president of Muslim Advocates; Dr. Sherman Jackson, professor of religion and American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California; Farhan Latif, chief operating officer, Institute of Policy and Understanding; Imam Mohamed Magid, representative of the Adams Center; Haroon Mokhtarzada, CEO of Webs; Kameelah Mu’Min Rashad, Muslim chaplain at the University of Pennsylvania; Dean Obeidallah, comedian; Bilqis “Qisi” Abdul-Qaadir, director of women’s basketball operations at Indiana State University; Arshia Wajid, founder of American Muslim Health Professionals.

Obeidallah opens his unfunny condescension with:

I was one of the 14 ‘Muslim-American leaders’ invited to meet with President Obama on Wednesday afternoon. Here’s what it was like.

I can’t believe it but Louie Gohmert and Michele Bachmann were right after all. Muslims have infiltrated the White House—and at the highest levels. Sharia law can’t be far behind, so I hope you like turkey bacon and non-alcoholic beer because that’s all you will be getting once these Muslims have their say.

Speaking of Bachmann, it was Obeidallah who in 2012, smeared the since retired Congresswoman from Minnesota for raising concerns about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration generally and Hillary Clinton’s close adviser Huma Abedin specifically. Abedin has irrefutable familial ties to the Brotherhood, which actually does seek to overthrow the U.S. government from within, Obeidallah’s satire notwithstanding.

Moreover, representatives with other groups who have been solidly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood joined Obeidallah in the White House with Obama this week; it’s just a fact. Among them were the current and former Presidents of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Azhar Azeez and Mohammed Magid respectively. As has reported, Magid and Abedin are quite comfortable in each others’ company.

Abedin (L) and Magid (R).

Abedin (L) and Magid (R).

As for Magid, it was that revealed his attendance at the grand opening of a mosque in New Jersey. Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ) was also in attendance. The Imam of that mosque is Hamad Ahmad Chebli of the Islamic Society of Central Jersey (ISCJ), which resides under the larger ISNA umbrella.

Magid (far left), Chebli, (unknown), and Democrat Rep. Rush Holt (far right) at opening of ISCJ mosque on 9/8/12.

Magid (far left), Chebli, (unknown), and Rep. Rush Holt (far right) at opening of ISCJ mosque on 9/8/12.

Chebli is connected to quite a few disturbing figures, to include Imam Suhaib Webb; Mazen Mokhtar, who has been linked to al-Qaeda; Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing who welcomed the Blind Sheikh into his mosque several times; and even this guy, Amir Abdel Malik, whom Chebli once sat behind as Malik preached from his pulpit:

Worse, House Speaker John Boehner honored Holt’s request last November to have Chebli deliver an Islamic prayer from the House floor, during which Boehner bowed his head:

Boehner bows head as Imam Chebli delivers Islamic Prayer on November 13, 2014.

Boehner bows head as Imam Chebli delivers Islamic Prayer on November 13, 2014.

Other leaders welcomed by Obama included Hoda Elshishtawy of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, another group with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood; and Farhana Khera of a group known as Muslim Advocates.

Khera featured on website of Muslim Brotherhood front, ISNA.

Khera featured on website of Muslim Brotherhood front, ISNA.

Khera has a history that includes being prominently touted on the ISNA website. Perhaps more troubling is that at the time of the 9/11 attacks, she was a close adviser to U.S. Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) and who “focused substantially on the Patriot Act” according to her bio. Over the years, her area of interest has been fighting against the profiling of Muslim terrorists. According to her bio, Khera…

…was the Senator’s lead staff member developing anti-racial profiling legislation and organizing subcommittee hearings on racial profiling.

Here is a video that features Khera and her support for anti-profiling measures by law enforcement agencies:

As has reported, Khera’s Muslim Advocates is one of many organizations that make up what is known as the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR), a consortium of dozens of leftist groups that rely on the lobbying firm of Smith-Free Group.

In what should be vetted as a conflict of interest concern, the Executive Director of the House Select Committee on Benghazi Philip Kiko works as a lobbyist for Smith-Free. As such, he is licensed to represent LCCR. While there is no evidence that Kiko has lobbied on behalf of Muslim Advocates, he has lobbied on behalf of at least one other LCCR organization – the ACLU.

Gowdy meeting with Benghazi Select Committee Executive Director Philip Kiko at first hearing.

Gowdy meeting with Benghazi Select Committee Executive Director Philip Kiko at first hearing.

Nonetheless, the Muslim Brotherhood was clearly involved in the attacks in Benghazi. In fact, the February 17 Martyrs Brigade (F17MB) that was carelessly hired to provide security at the Special Mission Compound (SMC) is itself under the Muslim Brotherhood umbrella.

What all this adds up to is that regardless of Obeidallah’s attempt at snarky satire, the infiltration of the halls of America’s power centers is something to be taken very seriously.

Unfortunately, America’s leaders continue to either facilitate it or ignore it.

The full list of the Muslim leaders who visited the White House this week can be found at the bottom of Obeidallah’s article.

Correction: an earlier version of this post indicated that Obeidallah released the names of the leaders who met with Obama in the White House on the day of the visit. He did not. The names were later added to his article as an update.


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  • richinnameonly

    Over time I have sent several messages to FOX, Hannity, and O’Reilly (since they are the most “conservative” network TV available in the U.S.) telling them that they need to get up to speed and realize that Obama and his advisers are Muslim Brotherhood cronies. If they looked at things from that point of view they would no longer be baffled by what goes on. Of course, they still refuse it as conspiracy theory. Well folks, the conspiracy by the Muslims and the left is working to destroy the country, and the media “expert analysts” are still baffled. We could pick people from our own neighborhoods that would do better jobs of running the country and analyzing the news.

  • Kamau40

    There is no doubt at all that the evidence is absolutely conclusive we have indeed been having Muslim Brotherhood infiltration well entrenched in very key positions all over at the highest levels of the US Gov’t. What most Americans fail to realize unfortunately is that we are in far bigger trouble than we think. As always thank you for keeping us highly informed on a daily basis with concrete evidence and facts as to what is really going on.

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