See first hand the brutality and suffering of the Slaves we are rescuing

Friends and Supporters

Watch this trailer video which is an introduction to a full documentary we are making and should be ready in about a week. The documentary will show our work to save the Slaves in the Kilns as well as the challenges including a close call, where one of our rescue teams was captured by the Kiln guards. They were tortured and their id’s and cell phone sim cards confiscated.

We were able to get cameras into one large Kiln by using some friendly police who told the kiln owners that our people were sent by government to make the film. This allowed us to interview Kiln victims. Also you will see interviews with a couple of our people who actually do the rescuing. Their faces are blocked for their protection.

Also please note that the Pakistan currency exchange rate is approximately 100 rupees to one dollar. The average working wage in Pakistan is about 20,000 Pakistani rupees about $200.00 per month. The slaves earn around 7000 rupees which is total of $70 which is not enough to pay for food for a whole family for a month in Pakistan.

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  • RodK1975

    “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

    I can’t even describe what I feel inside seeing this and knowing that people can do this to other people. A part of me celebrates when I hear of some that have been rescued but another part of me feels like there’s not much to be happy about because so many are still left behind in bondage. I wish I had a billion dollars to build a place for all these brothers and sisters to live. I wish I could swoop up all these children and give them a hot bath, a hot meal, good clothes and a soft bed to sleep in. It’s heart breaking but what’s even worse is that there are people out there that could afford to do what all of us wish we could for them, but they don’t care. This is why my soul bursts into flames every time I hear about so prosperity pimp preacher that lives in a hundred million dollar home, ugh, I’m not even going to get started on that.

    Anyway, God bless and keep every one of you guys at Rescue Christians.. I love you, you guys are the greatest!!!

  • Grandmere

    Thank you. I will send this out. Looking forward to the full documentary. I will also be praying for your efforts in Egypt.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Wow, what a beautiful heart you have.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Have shared link on FB, will spread news the old fashioned way too!

  • Kamau40

    We must fight and defend the defenseless. The video itself tells the story of what we MUST act and do. As always, God bless Rescue Christians and for all of the partners who support this great ministry.

  • Keith Davies

    We are but there are 2.8 million Christians officially and probably close to ten million. The cost just in transport alone the 2.8 million # is 84 billion dollars, that does not include housing or food. The issue is HUGE, we will do what we can

  • dovari

    India too is no longer a safer country for Christians. We are already feeling the heat. We have two adversaries, Hindu & Muslim. Churches are being burnt right inside the capital city of Delhi, and Christians being beaten and/or threatened.
    Keep praying anyway.

  • dovari

    Sporadic incidents are, of course, different from targeted violence . The violence targeted against Christians in India emerges from hatred for the Gospel and conversions. Hindu fundamentalists want to make India a fundamental Hindu nation in line with Saudi Arabia. The typical feeling among Hindus is that if Muslims have their own countries controlled by their own laws, i.e, Sharia, why not we also have our own country. That’s the reason there are attempts reconvert Christians to Hinduism. Burning down churches on a regular basis is not same as cops roughing up Indian grand dad visiting US.
    The problem with you seems to be you don’t even have knee jerk reaction to violence targeted against Christians on a daily basis all over the ME and India. Hatred against Christians is hatred, be it from Hindu or Muslim. You must look at it in the same vein. There are nationalistic and ulterior motives in India. Asian Christians need not leave their home land because of violence. They must remain where they are and stand as witness in the midst of all that is going on against them. Lord God Almighty be our protection.
    Now, tell me. Shame on me ??