ISIS is Islam: Shoebat provides comprehensive analysis on the Voice of Israel

Walid Shoebat explains the issues which the main street media will not tread:

Share this interview with as many people who need to understand, that is your friends and neighbors who wish to awaken from their slumber.

Thanks to Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel for giving ample time on the air to expose the issues.


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  • RodK1975

    Great interview, Mr. Shoebat… I’m not sure if this guy was just playing devil’s advocate or if his questions were genuine, but I continue to be amazed at the inability of the average person to accept the fact that Islam is the Antichrist religion and that Sufism is NOT an altruistic and peaceful sect of Islam.

    I guess it makes sense, though, that Sufism has everyone fooled into thinking it’s peace-loving so no one will be expecting the Antichrist to spring out of it…