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The German Government Wants To Add Nuclear Bombs To Its Air Force Fighter Jets

By Theodore Shoebat The German government wants to add nuclear weapons to its air force jet fighters. As we read in a report from Business Insider: Germany is pressing Washington to clarify whether it would let the Eurofighter Typhoon carry nuclear bombs as part of shared Western defenses, an issue that could help decide whether […]

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Netflix Promotes Spanish Language Movie That Features Simulated Child Pornography

Netflix is under fire after they have showed a movie that depicts in the early scenes child sexual activity: Netflix is facing backlash from users online over the Argentinian film “Desire,” which opens with a scene involving a young girl accidentally having her first orgasm. The scene is being accused on social media of featuring […]

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guatemalan farmer

American Farmers Beg For Help From Illegals, Say Without Them The Farms Would Collapse

There is truth in the statement that “there are some jobs American’s won’t do.” According to some American farmers, not only is this true, but they actively are seeking illegals to work for them because, they say, their business could not survive otherwise: The apple trees were heavy with fruit, and the rows and rows […]

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The Russian Government Warns That The US Is Preparing To Send Next-Generation Nuclear Weapons To Turkey

By Theodore Shoebat The Russian government is reporting that the US is preparing to send next-generation nuclear weapons to Turkey. As we read in one report from Hurriyet Daily News: Russian state media claimed on July 2 that the United States is preparing to send the next generation of B61 guided nuclear gravity bombs to NATO bases […]

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Christian Man In Canada Arrested For Passing Christian Pamphlets In LGBT Rally

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian man in Canada was arrested for passing Christian pamphlets in a sodomite rally. As we read in one report from the Christian Post: A Christian bus driver in Toronto has been charged with a “hate crime” for distributing pamphlets saying homosexuality can lead to diseases and that Jesus can save […]

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rudy and gingrich

Rudy Giuliani And Newt Gingrich Speak At Event For An Iranian Terrorist Organization, And Praise The Iranian Mujahideen As The Group That Should Lead The Way For Regime Change In Iran

By Theodore Shoebat Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich were in Paris speaking before thousands of Iranians at the “Free Iran” conference where they called for regime change in Iran. The event was organized by the National Council of Resistance in Iran (NCRI), which is the umbrella organization for the Mujahideen-e Khalq (MEK), or the People’s […]

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