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Catholic Heretic Thinks He Knows Better Than His Own Religion, Writes Entire Essay Defending Genital Self-Mutilation

There is a tremendous amount of confusion today. To add to that confusion, a “Catholic” man has written an essay defending transgenderism: I want to apologize. Back in 2015 I attended a conference hosted by Courage, a Catholic apostolate for persons with same-sex attraction and their families. One of the talks during that conference was […]

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Founder Of Major Group That Called A ‘Hate Site’ For Upholding Christian Teaching On Islam And The LGBT Exposed By Court Documents That He Tried To Rape His Step-Daughter

Years ago, was added to the “Hate Map” for the SPLC because of the opposition to both Islam and the LGBT, and as a result was labeled from other groups the award of being one of the top anti-Islam websites as well as the third most anti-LGBT website on the Internet. In an […]

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Millions Of Chinese Men Unable To Find Wives Are Now Kidnapping And Trafficking Women For Sex Slaves

In May 2018, wrote an essay about an emerging crisis in China. Owing to the “one-child policy” and the subsequent sterilizations, forced abortions, and adopting baby girls for decades in favor of boys for cultural reasons, China has created a population nightmare where there are far more men than women. Given cultural changes taking […]

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Egyptian Christian Bishop Found Dead With His Head Smashed In Under “Mysterious Circumstances”

Christian persecution in Egypt has been a long problem, and it is getting worse. In a recent act of what appears to be anti-Christian violence, a Coptic Christian bishop was found dead in Egypt with his head smashed in amid “mysterious circumstances” according to a report: The Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria announced Sunday the […]

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