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Jailed Prostitute Turned Drug Cartel Chief Executioner Would Murder People, Then Cut Their Heads Off, Drink The Blood And Have Sex With Headless Corpse

A female prostitute turned drug cartel terrorist admitted that she would routinely indulge in cannibalism and necrophilia. After murdering a victim she would cut their heads off, drink the blood while still warm, and then have sex with the decapitated corpse: With a career that began at a young age, Juana, known as “The Little […]

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New Report Reveals: The Government Of Israel Gave Support To Twelve Islamic Militias, By Helping To Provide Them With Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, Mortar Launchers And Transport Vehicles

By Theodore Shoebat A recent report reveals that the government of Israel gave support to twelve Islamic militias in Syria, by providing them with assault rifles, machine guns, mortar launchers and transport vehicles. According to one report from Haaretz: Israel discreetly funded and armed at least 12 rebel groups in southern Syria in order to […]

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The French Government Declares: ‘We Are Ready To Strike Syria.’

By Theodore Shoebat The French government just declared that they are ready to strike Syria, as we read in one report from RT: France’s top military chief has said Paris is ready to bomb Syria if chemical weapons are used during the Syrian government’s retaking of Idlib province. It comes a week after Russia warned […]

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Muslims Round Up Sodomites, Beat Them With Canes, Say They Did It To Instill “Fear Of Allah” In Them

Malaysia has been cracking down on the actions of the LGBT. In a recent event, they rounded up a group of sodomites and caned them, and when asked they said they did it to instill “fear of Allah” into them: Kedah PAS today backed its party’s Terengganu government against criticisms for publicly caning two Muslim […]

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Ugandan Government Bends Over In Obedience To The Sodomite Agenda

Most nations in the world have submitted themselves to the yoke of the LGBT. However, some have resisted. One of those nations was Uganda, which famously has objected to homosexuality and to the anger of the Western world. Unfortunately, the influence of the LGBT has worked its damage in that nation, and now the LGBT […]

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Hungarian President Orban Finished Up Trip To Kyrgyzstan By Declaring “Hungarians Are The Descendants Of Attila The Hun”

President Viktor Orban of Hungary finished off his recent trip to Kyrgyzstan by saying that “Hungarians are the descenants of Attila the Hun”: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán capped off his Asian trip by meeting Kyrgyzstanʼs President Sooronbay Jeenbekov and Prime Minister Mukhammedkalyi Abylgaziev in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek on Tuesday. Orbán noted that he […]

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